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Problem of "Rolelessness"

With the introduction of child labor laws, the emphasis on schooling, students have less options for the job market and are more focused on their grades.

Problem of Breaking Rules

Many rules that applied to adults are outdated and new problems have arised such as AIDS, weapons, drugs, dependence, and little interaction with adults. For rebellion, many students rebel in forms of consumerism.

The Role of Girls

Before, there were lots of domestic responsibilities and expectations for girls on the road of motherhood and wife. Now, girls are more independent. There are also many new opportunities of the risk of having sex.

Exclusion from Public Place

This problem is an example of how things in society have changed from generatino to generation. Before, there was less urbanization, therefore more privacy. There is so much surveillance.

The Unappreciated Woman

With the rise of independence for females, women are more willing to not help around the house.

Situated Social Power

Various groups have unequal access to economic resources, political power, social status, and these societal differences limit how fair a personal relationship of two groups can be.

The Effect of Situated Social Power on Husband and Wife

These two people, while they are both human, are unequal.

Raising Children

Women are too involved.

Problem of Self Help Books

Self help books reincarnate problems by reinstating the social problems that exist


Love: Power & Authority; Hate: Intimacy


Love: Intimacy; Usually, don't have much power

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