21 terms

American Government

Article One, Section One
Article One, Section Two
The house of Representatives
Article One, Section Three
The Senate
Article One, Section Four
Article One, Section Five
Chamber proceedings
Article One Section Six
Congressional limited immunities and no concurrent office
Article One Sections Seven
Law Making
Article One Section Eight
Power of Government
Necessary and Proper Clause
Article One Section Nine
Power denied to congress
Ex post facto
Bill of Attainer
Haebus Corpus
Article One Section Ten
Powers Denied to States
Article Two Section One
The president
Article Two Section Two
President is commander and chief of army and navy
Article Two, Section Three
president and Congress
Article Two Section Four
Article Three
Article Four Section One
Full faith and Credit
Article Four Section Two
Priviledges and immunities to citizens in several states
Article Four Section Three
Article Five
Two Thirds Vote to House of Representatives
Article Six
state powers and interstate relations
Article Seven