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Article One, Section One


Article One, Section Two

The house of Representatives

Article One, Section Three

The Senate

Article One, Section Four


Article One, Section Five

Chamber proceedings

Article One Section Six

Congressional limited immunities and no concurrent office

Article One Sections Seven

Law Making

Article One Section Eight

Power of Government
Necessary and Proper Clause

Article One Section Nine

Power denied to congress
Ex post facto
Bill of Attainer
Haebus Corpus

Article One Section Ten

Powers Denied to States

Article Two Section One

The president

Article Two Section Two

President is commander and chief of army and navy

Article Two, Section Three

president and Congress

Article Two Section Four


Article Three


Article Four Section One

Full faith and Credit

Article Four Section Two

Priviledges and immunities to citizens in several states

Article Four Section Three


Article Five

Two Thirds Vote to House of Representatives

Article Six

state powers and interstate relations

Article Seven


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