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osseous tissue

also known as bone tissue, contains many specialized cells such as osteocytes, osteoclasts, osteoblasts, and a matrix of extracellular material


pockets in the matrix that contain bone cells

calcium phosphate

responsible for approximately 2/3 of a bone's weight, interacts with calcium hydroxide to form hydroxyapatite crystals

collagen fibers

1/3 of a bone's weight, they are flexable and very strong, can withstand a great deal of pulling, twisting, and bending


created by collagen fibers providing an organic framework in which hydroxyapatite crystals can form


located in lacunae, between the layers of the matrix, most abundant bone cell, maintain the protein and mineral content of the surrounding matrix, secrete chemicals that dissolve the adjacent matrix and the minerals that are released enter the circulation, then they function to rebuild the matrix by stimulating the deposition of new hydroxyapatite crystals


narrow passageways through the matrix, extend between lacunae and blood vessels branching through the bony matrix, form a network for the exchange of nutrients, waste products, and gases


production of new bone matrix


produce and realease the protiens and other organic components of the matrix, aid in increasing the local levels of calcium phosphate and promote the deposition of calcium salts in the organic matrix


function to remove and recycle bone matrix, giant cells and contain many nuclei, secrete acids and protein-digesting enzymes that dissolve the matrix of the bone and release stored minerals

osteolysis or resporption

when osteoclasts secrete acits and protein-digesting enzymes that dissolve the matrix of the bone and release stored minerals; the name for what osteoclasts do

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