Independent Agencies

Government corporations and private corporations have nothing in common. True or false?
What makes the government corporation effective?
b. They can have flexibility to complete tasks.
Independent Agencies are ALWAYS located inside Cabinet departments. True or false?
A quasi-judicial independent agency has the power to
c) rule on conflicts.
What is the focus of the Independent Regulatory Commissions?
b. regulate nations economy
Which of the following departments is responsible for overseeing the nation's legal affairs?
b. Department of Justice
The Department of Homeland Security has broad oversight over the nation's security. Complete the chart, identifying the major agencies and services under the control of this department. United States Coast Guard, Immigration and Naturalization Service, Customs Service, and what?
b. Federal Emergency Management Agency
Which of the following is true of both interest groups and minor parties?
d. both a and b (some are based on economic interests, some are based on the promotion of certain causes)
independent agencies:
Additional agencies created by Congress located outside the Cabinet departments. Some independent agencies are NASA, the CIA, and the FCC.
independent executive agencies:
Agencies headed by a single administrator with regional subunits, by lacking Cabinet status. NASA and the EPA are two of the largest independent executive agencies in America today.
independent regulatory commission:
Independent agencies created by Congress, designed to regulate important aspects of the nation's economy, largely beyond the reach of presidential control. The first independent regulatory commission, the Interstate Commerce Commission, was established by Congress in 1887.
Having to do with powers that are to some extent legislative. Quasi- legislative bodies are public rule-making authorities with limited powers.
Having to do with powers that are to some extent judicial. Quasi-judicial powers are limited to an area of expertise, like the Securities and Exchange Commission.
-government corporation:
Corporations within the executive branch subject to the President's direction and control, set up by Congress to carry out certain business-like activities. The United States Postal Service is an example of a government corporation.
Civil servants who work for the federal government are known as
c. bureaucrats
These bills deal with general matters and apply to the entire nation.
a. public bills
Closed meeting of the members of each party in the House
party caucus
What are the options available to the President if he dislikes a bill?
c. veto or pocket veto the bill
Unlike the House, the Senate has a legislative process with
a. few limits on debate.
An interest group tries to persuade people to
c. respond to its members' shared attitudes.
Who is in charge of the embassies around the world?
b. Department of State
Which of the following is not one of the three ways that political parties and interest groups differ?
c. their focus on politics.
What is an example of propaganda?
b. only giving information that supports a certain point
The President of the Senate is the
c. vice president.
Which of the following is not one of the four groups based on economic interest?
d. Transportation.
Which politician has a dual role in the US government; one is executive and one is legislative?
d. vice-president
How many members are included in the House of Representatives?
c. 435
People in districts represented in Congress are called
b. constituents.
Why would an interest group send a telegram to the Speaker?
a. to express an opinion on an issue
Some corporations are not independent at all. True or false?
How many administrators are in charge of an independent executive agency?
a. 1
Government coporations are under which branch?
c. executive
Which cabinet department contains these agencies? Bureau of the Census, Patent and Trademark Office, The National Institute of Standards and Technology.
d. Department of Commerce
To reduce the power of regulatory agencies is to
b. deregulate
Unlike the major political parties, interest groups
a. do not nominate candidates for office.
An independent agency is headed by
b. a single administrator.
What is quasi-legislative?
a. having to do with some powers that are to some extent legislative
Which of the following is TRUE about independent executive agencies?
d. They lack Cabinet status
Quasi-legislative Independent Regulatory Commissions have powers that are somewhat judicial. True or false?
NASA, the CIA, EPA, and GSA are examples of
b. independent agencies.
Businesses the federal government runs are called
c. government corporations.