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  1. Perishability
  2. Forecasting
  3. How to Pick a good Brand Name
  4. Highest Profit Items
  5. Product
  1. a goal is to estimate sales potential
  2. b Services are simultaneously produced and consumed; services cannot be stored while goods can; services cannot be separated from provider while goods can
  3. c suggest product benefits, be memorable and positive, fit company brand/logo, simple and emotional
  4. d impulse buys, generally just below eye level height; kids cereal kept within reach of kids
  5. e can be either a good or service; central offering in the marketing exchange

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  1. determines whether a product is a pure good, pure service or hybrid of both
  2. increases as price increases; demand increased when price increases
    (price x demand) - (fixed costs) - (variable costs x demand)
  3. difficult to judge even after consumption; professional service providers are dominated by this
  4. Demand tends to decrease as price increases
  5. individuals/firms involved in the process of making a product/service "available" for use or consumption

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  1. Vertical IntegrationWhen manufactures competes with its partners


  2. Firm's Marketing Offering is comprised of...Establish pricing goals
    Estimate demand, costs, and profits
    Choose a price strategy to help determine a base price
    Fine-tune the base price with pricing tactics


  3. Brand Communitiescapture specific info about the brand and holistic perceptions of the brand


  4. Demand Curvegraph relating the quantity sold and price, which shows the maximum number of units that will be sold at a given price


  5. Elastic Demandproduces two key product lines: health care personal goods and beauty personal goods