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  1. Inelastic Demand
  2. Forecasting Equation
  3. Profit
  4. Product
  5. House of Brands Approach
  1. a can be either a good or service; central offering in the marketing exchange
  2. b An increase or a decrease in price will not significantly affect demand
  3. c increases as price increases; demand increased when price increases
    (price x demand) - (fixed costs) - (variable costs x demand)
  4. d $SP = MP x PI x Pr
  5. e introduce a new brand for every product line (P&G)

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  1. customer and company co-create products
  2. price charged to customers multiplied by the number of units sold
  3. that which is given up in an exchange to acquire a good or service
  4. attach same brand name to products (Nike, Adidas)
  5. sell existing products to new markets

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  1. Private Label Brandstemporary cuts may be negative; coupons only relevant to clippers


  2. Brand CommunitiesCustomers who connect with like-minded customers


  3. Diversificationdefined broadly


  4. Alpha Companymay appear to produce three product lines, but they may all be characterized as organic


  5. Company Benefits of Brandingtwo companies collaborating in a joint venture to create a good or service for the customer


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