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  1. Channel Members
  2. Beta Company
  3. Product Mix
  4. Experience Attributes
  5. Price Sensitivity
  1. a offers a slightly broader product line but less depth
  2. b greater when item is a luxury, customers don;t care about price, there are substitutes
  3. c comprised of several product lines which can vary in breadth and depth
  4. d need some trial or consumption before evaluation
  5. e partners that are downstream

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  1. temporary cuts may be negative; coupons only relevant to clippers
  2. individuals/firms involved in the process of making a product/service "available" for use or consumption
  3. sell new product to current markets
  4. induce loyalty, allow for premium pricing, allow single firm to pursue multiple targets
  5. supplemental and marketers can compete/differentiate on them; satisfies customers

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  1. Alpha Companyproduces two key product lines: health care personal goods and beauty personal goods


  2. Highest Profit Itemsimpulse buys, generally just below eye level height; kids cereal kept within reach of kids


  3. Forecastinggoal is to estimate sales potential


  4. Push Strategyincentives are offered to distribution partners to push products through the channel; targets suppliers


  5. Supply Chain Logisticslogistics is the process of coordinating the flow of all those goods/services and information throughout the channel, movement and ownership of goods