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  1. Variability
  2. Exchange
  3. 3 Factors to Estimating Demand
  4. Marketing Channel
  5. Core Elements
  1. a company offers something, customer offers something in return; goal is to create mutual benefit to establish long-term customer relationships
  2. b individuals/firms involved in the process of making a product/service "available" for use or consumption
  3. c Consumer tastes
    Price and availability of similar products
    Consumer income
  4. d Services change across customers and across time
  5. e essential to the product and expected; defines the business

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  1. when the manufacturer wants a markup and the retailer wants a second markup
  2. Varies with changes in level of output
  3. leverages the brand's good name to get customers to buy something new (Apple)
  4. goal is to estimate sales potential
  5. pursue new markets with new products; toughest

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  1. How to Pick a good Brand Namesuggest product benefits, be memorable and positive, fit company brand/logo, simple and emotional


  2. Distribution Networkpursue new markets with new products; toughest


  3. Forecast Sales (need to know)market potential, purchase intention, price


  4. Product Developmentsell new product to current markets


  5. FranchisingCompany can retain some control without complete ownership or capital expenditure