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  1. Forecasting
  2. Supply and Demand
  3. Brand Extensions
  4. Break Even Pt Qty
  5. Supply Chain Logistics
  1. a logistics is the process of coordinating the flow of all those goods/services and information throughout the channel, movement and ownership of goods
  2. b leverages the brand's good name to get customers to buy something new (Apple)
  3. c Demand tends to decrease as price increases
  4. d fixed cost / (unit selling price - unit variable cost)
  5. e goal is to estimate sales potential

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  1. introduce a new brand for every product line (P&G)
  2. core and value-addeds
  3. the experience is the primary purchase, rather than a good/service
  4. need some trial or consumption before evaluation
  5. network of firms which are interconnected, provides sellers access to goods/services and buyers a means of purchasing those goods

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  1. Yield Management Pricingimplement low initial price and gradually increase as product grows/becomes known


  2. Brand Communitiesleverages the brand's good name to get customers to buy something new (Apple)


  3. Product Life Cycle Stagesstorage, display


  4. Product Mixcan be either a good or service; central offering in the marketing exchange


  5. New Product Development Processsell new product to current markets


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