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  1. Consumers experience brands...
  2. Product Oriented Activities
  3. Why improve products?
  4. How to Pick a good Brand Name
  5. Forecast Sales (need to know)
  1. a suggest product benefits, be memorable and positive, fit company brand/logo, simple and emotional
  2. b market potential, purchase intention, price
  3. c affectively, intellectually and behaviorally
  4. d better corporate pride, be consistent w/ image, attract customers, beat competition
  5. e storage, display

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  1. graph relating the quantity sold and price, which shows the maximum number of units that will be sold at a given price
  2. when the manufacturer wants a markup and the retailer wants a second markup
  3. individuals/firms involved in the process of making a product/service "available" for use or consumption
  4. What is the most effective and efficient way to distribute the product? conflict may arise
  5. consumers, manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers, retailers

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  1. Brand CommunitiesCustomers who connect with like-minded customers


  2. Vertical IntegrationDifferent types of retailers are competing


  3. Top Down Approachidea generation, design and development, commercialization


  4. Private Label Brandsretailer can offer decent quality for lower prices


  5. Penetration Pricingimplement low initial price and gradually increase as product grows/becomes known