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  1. Brand Personalities
  2. Exchange
  3. Price Strategy
  4. Brand Equity/Valuation
  5. Forecast Sales (need to know)
  1. a worth of a brand
  2. b capture specific info about the brand and holistic perceptions of the brand
  3. c company offers something, customer offers something in return; goal is to create mutual benefit to establish long-term customer relationships
  4. d market potential, purchase intention, price
  5. e establishes the initial price for a product and the intended direction for price movements over the product life cycle

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  1. can be either a good or service; central offering in the marketing exchange
  2. how many intermediaries will a manufacturer go through to distribute its goods to consumers?
  3. sell same products to current markets
  4. temporary cuts may be negative; coupons only relevant to clippers
  5. changing of the price based on the day, time, week, and even season (airlines)

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  1. Private Label Brandsessential to the product and expected; defines the business


  2. Core Elementsessential to the product and expected; defines the business


  3. Company Benefits of Brandinginduce loyalty, allow for premium pricing, allow single firm to pursue multiple targets


  4. Fixed CostDoes not change as level of output changes


  5. Why improve products?better corporate pride, be consistent w/ image, attract customers, beat competition


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