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reviewing for English A (11th Grade)

Written By:

Stephen Crane



1st novel to:

deal realistically with the civil war

Gives psychological portrait of:

the individual solider

Battles represent what battles?

The battle of Chancellorville

Point of veiw:

3rd person limited

Self-preservation v. Duty

The struggle between protecting oneself and sacrificing for the greater good


Better to face your fears tan run from them

Nature's Disregard for human life

Universe carries on regardless of what happens to man

Brutality of War

war is not as glorious as the romanticized pictures of it

Coming of age

naive youth matures into young adult in trials of war


fear, violence, danger, death


fear, violence, danger, death


purity, rest, strength


foreboding, frightening


foreboding, frightening


foreboding, frightening


foreboding, frightening


mysterious, indescribable, religious


hope, triumph


hope, triumph


hope, triumph

How does Jim Conklin Symbolize Christ??

wounds in hand and side
horror of death was catalyst for Henry's redemption

Sun appered as wafer

refers to communion

What is a red badge of courage??

Battle wound

Why aren't characters referred to by name (most of the time)?

emphasized the type of character, gives them universal appeal


young men agonizing over their first trial

Loud Soldier

those who fine themselves through trial - "the friend"


indifferent, controlling forces society

Tattered solder

victims of forces beyond their control

Tall Solder

men who have died serving

How does Henry's Mother respond??

Doesn't want him to go but gives him advice

What was the dispute in Chapter 1?

weather they were going to move or not

metaphors for war:

machine or animal

What does Henry get form Willson? What does this imply?

A yellow envelope, that Willson thinks he is going to die

Why does Henry run?

He believes everyone else is running

What signes from nature does Henry use to justify his flight?

When he threw the acorn at the squirrel it ran away, just as he was in danger he ran away.

What dose Henry hear after he runs? how does he react?

He hears that his regiment held the line, he was shocked he thought they had all run

What does the Tattered Solider ask Henry?

where his wounds are

What is Henry's most selfish act in the novel?

Leaving the Tattered Solider

How is Henry wounded?

He is hit on the head with the but of a fleeing soldier's gun

What does Henry do that earns him praise from the lieutenant?

Picks up the flag

What do Henry and Wilson overhear on their way to get water and how do they react?

They hear that the colonels think they could be generals

What examples of heroism does Henry exhibit?

He keeps fighting till the end

What victorious act does Wilson preform?

Grabs the enemies flag

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