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PSY203 Study Guide 2

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Young Jean observers that her mother often cooks dinner while her father is responsible for taking out the trash and mowing the lawn. She is learning blank that associated with men and women
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Eleven-month old Oreo loves cookies One day he sees his mother putting cookies into cups for a party As he is watching his mom puts one cookie into the first two cups two cookies into the next two cups and three cookies into the last two cups If Oreo is a normally developing 10 month-old who likes cookies he will most likely reach for
Mitzi is very worried about her daughter Maya because the bottle that she gave her had formula that was a little to hot and Maya cried when she first drank some of it She fears that even at her early age Maya will now be afraid of her mother and that this mistake will have detrimental consequences on Maya's development Based on Erikson's theory what would you say to Mitzi?
Marla is watching her daughter Daisy try to color within the lines in her favorite coloring book Daisy knows how to hold the crayons can see the pictures properly and understands the idea of not going over the lines but she struggles to control the crayon Marla does not like seeing Daisy get upset when she crosses a line so she sits to help her by holding the crayon with her According to research presented in your chapter which of the following should you expect as a result of Marla's assistance?
Nell and Delia have gotten together for a Mommy Meet during which they have coffee and chat at their homes Today the both have their 18 month old sons Steve and Nash While the ladies sip and chat Steve and Nash crawl around on the floor pushing toy trucks and making vroooom sounds Every now and they switch trucks with each other Steve and Nash are engaged in blank play
Millie is only 14 months of age but has already started using some basic word like mama dada and kitty When her parents take her to the zoo she points to the goats who are being fed by the children and yells KITTY The fact that she is lumping a new animal into her existing schema of a kitty demonstrates