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  1. Each group or individual struggle to attain the maximum benefit
  2. Thought of sociology as the study of social action
  3. Introduced conflict theory (Agrarian)
    Rich get richer poor get poorer
  4. The unrecognized and unintended consequences of any social pattern
  5. Focuses on how individuals make sense of-or interpret- the social world in which they participate

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  1. Auguste ComteThought of sociology as the study of social action


  2. SociologyThe scientific study of human society and interactions in which the main study is a group not an individual.


  3. FunctionalismBelief that generalizations are only valid if backed by evidence


  4. Sociological imaginationA relationship between individual experiences and forces in the larger society that shape our actions. Focuses on every aspect of society and every relationship among individuals


  5. Symbolic Interactionismapproach that focuses on the interactions among people based on mutually understood symbols


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