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  1. A relationship between individual experiences and forces in the larger society that shape our actions. Focuses on every aspect of society and every relationship among individuals
  2. "Survival of the fittest"; Social Darwinism between societies and cultures
  3. Social processes that contribute to the order of society
  4. Introduced conflict theory (Agrarian)
    Rich get richer poor get poorer
  5. Society functioning harmlessly

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  1. Interactionist Perspectiveintended and recognized consequence of some element of society


  2. SociologyThe scientific study of human society and interactions in which the main study is a group not an individual.


  3. Auguste ComteFounder of sociology and positivism


  4. Latent FunctionsThe unrecognized and unintended consequences of any social pattern


  5. Symbolic InteractionismSocial processes that contribute to the order of society