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______ , a Greek Philosopher and well-known teacher, challenged accepted beliefs to search for the truth and meaning of life.


The first woman to be noticed for excellence in mathematics, _______ was a teacher of philosophy, astronomy and religion.


______, wrote down Socrates' ideas. He later found a school of philosophy called The Academy.


_______, the most famous natural philosopher, made many contributions to many fields of study (math, government, poetry, science, etc.)


______, an important mathematician brought together all that was known about geometry in his books, "Elements."


A general in the Peloponnesian War, ____, wrote about the events surrounding the war with the actions of the people rather than declaring it the work of outside forces.

Greek Culture and Beliefs

Alexander the Great spread ______ through Persia, India, and Egypt.


______ wrote the Odyssey and Iliad, two epic poems about the adventures of Odysseus.


_____ was a Greek slave who taught moral lessons in the form of fables.

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