34 terms

Communication and interpersonal communication

Define communication
process through which people use messages to generate meanings within and across contexts, cultures, channels, and media
5 parts of communication
process,messages, contexts, channels, and media
3 modles of communication
Linear, Interactive, Transactional
Linear Model
Information flows in one direction from starting point to ending point, through the noise
Messages are communicated through what?
Interactive Model
involves sender and reciever comminicating a message through noise, giving feed back and fields of experience
Transactional Model
communication is multi directional messages echanged jointly, still have field of experience.- secret meanings
example of linear model
speeches or texting, communication that doesnt need a response
example of Interactive model
class room instructions, meetings, interprets audience feedback
example of transactional model
most commonly face to face
Define interpersonal communication
a dynamic form of communication between two or more people in which the messages echanged signifacantly influence their thoughts, emotions, behaviors, and relationships
Why is interpersonal communication dynamic
becuase it is constantly in motion and changing over time
Interpersonal communication is dyadic, define dyadic
involves two or more people, or pairs dyads
Most important part of interpersonal communication
creates impact or changing in thoughts emotions and behaviors we forge meaningful bonds
Interpersonal communication conveys what?
Both content information( actual meaning of words) and Relationship meanings that show us how we view out relationship( mostly non verbal)
interpersonal communication can be _____________?
intentional or unintentional, people take in everything we do and say
Interpersonal communication is _____and____?
Irreversible and dynamic (always in motion)
Interpersonal communication choices are interwined with ethics. Why?
Ehtics help us translate our inner moral beliefs into outward action
Why communicate ethicaly
to aviod intentinaly hurting others and show kindness
Interpersonal inforamtion and goals, self presentation goal explain
desire to present yourself in a certian way
Interpersonal inforamtion and goals, instrumental goals explain
task or goals you want to achieve through a particular interporsonal exchange
Interpersonal inforamtion and goals, relationship goals explain
building bonds with others or not
try and explain maslows triangle top to bottom
self actualization, ego needs, social needs, security, and basic
Qualitive approach, expalin
make careful observations and try and find princibles behind those obsercation
Why research interpersonal communication
to formulate a question then try and answer it by conducting research
opposite, first purpose a theory then conduct research to prove that theory.
3 parts of self
self awarness, self concept, self estem
whats self awarness
who am I, how do people see me, social comparrison
what is self concept
you do you think you are, self fulfilling prophcies( predictions about future interations that lead us to act a certian way)
what is self esteem
the value we assiagn to ourselfs
explain social penetration theory (3) layers
peripheral layers- things you cant change ( age, birthplace) Intermediate Layers(political beliefs, diffrent tastes) Central Layers- componets of self
Jophari window
public area, hidden area, blind area, unknown area
define self dislossure
reveling private informationa about your self to others
What are perceptional process
we make sense of encounters and plot our own communication paths within them by selecting organizing and interpreting information