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what is the term for the channel between the middle ear and the nasopharynx?

auditory tube/ eustachian tube

define tinnitus

sensation of noises in the ears (ringing, buzzing, whistling, booming)

medical term for nerve deafness occurring with aging


medical term for a fungal infection of the ear


acoustic neuroma

benign tumor arising from the acoustic vastibulocochlear nerve (eighth cranial nerve)


instrument to measure hearing

auditory meatus

channel leading from the outer ear flap to the eardrum


waxy substance secreted by the external ear. (ear wax)


collection of skin cells and cholesterol in a sac within the middle ear.


snail shaped spirally wound tube in the inner ear. ( contains hearing sensitive receptor cells)

eustachian tube

channel between the middle ear and the nasopharynx


maze like series of canals of the inner ear


incision of the eardrum


surgical repair of the ossicle


medical doctor specializing in the ear, nose and throught


fungel ear infection of the external auditory canal.


hardening of the bony tissue of the middle ear


fluid contained in the labyrinth of the inner ear


auricle; flap of the ear

semicircular canals

passages in the middle ear associated with maintaining equilubrium

suppurative otitis media

bacterial infection in the middle ear (puss formation occurs)


sensation of noises in the ears


surgical repair of the eardrum


sensation of irregular or whirling motion either of oneself or external objects

modifiers may affect?

the way a payment is made / reimbursment

modifiers are used to indicate what type of information?

altered service, bilateral procedure, multiple procedures, professional part of the service/ procedure only, more than one physician/ surgeon

what type of service is modifer 57 (decision for surgery) used on?

e/m service

what type of service is modifier 51 (multiple procedures) used on?

preformed on same day or same session by the same provider (except e/m codes)

modifier 80 (assistant surgeon) is used when?

a surgical asst. provides service to the primary surgeon.

modifier 32 (service mandated) pick an example of when a service is mandated.

police requirement for a rape or abuse victim. third party payer or worker's compensation.

the modifier AA is an example of what type of modifier?


the multiple modifier is indicated with which modifier?


_blank___lists some hcpcs modifiers in the cpt book

appendix A

bruising of the brain tissues along or just beneath its surface accompanied by symptoms lasting more than 24 hours describes a:

cerebral contusion

what is the medical term for periodic severe headaches that may be completely incapacitating?


what is the medical term for a chronic brain disorder characterized by sudden episodes of abnormally intense electrical activity in the brain?


what is the medical term for inflammation of the membranes covering the brain and spinal cord?


what is the medical term for unilateral facial paralysis?

bells palsy

what is the medical term for a slight paralysis in either half of the body?


what is the medical term for a highly contagious viral disease that affects the anterior horn cells of the gray matter in the spinal cord?

polyomyelities / post polio syndrome

symptoms and signs of brain tumors include what?

headache, seizures & congnitive dysfunction
gait disturbances, lethargy & nystagmus
fever, stiff neck, & unilateral facial paralysis

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