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daily life

assister à une conférence

to attend a lecture

assister à un mariage

to attend a marriage

déjeuner à la cantine

to eat luch in a cafeteria

discuter de politque

to discuss politics


to get bored

entendre parler de

to hear about

essayer de

to try to

faire des études

to take a course of study

oublier de

to forget to

ouvrir la porte

to open the door

passer un examen

to take a test

perdre ses clés

to lose one's keys

poser des question

to ask questions

quitter la maison

to leave the house

ranger sa chambre

to clean up one's bedroom

rendre un devoir

to turn in homework

un service à

to do a favor for

visite à

to pay a visit to

réussir à un examen

to pass a test

sécher un cours

to cut class


to download


to find

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