22 terms

La vie quotidienne

daily life
assister à une conférence
to attend a lecture
assister à un mariage
to attend a marriage
déjeuner à la cantine
to eat luch in a cafeteria
discuter de politque
to discuss politics
to get bored
entendre parler de
to hear about
essayer de
to try to
faire des études
to take a course of study
oublier de
to forget to
ouvrir la porte
to open the door
passer un examen
to take a test
perdre ses clés
to lose one's keys
poser des question
to ask questions
quitter la maison
to leave the house
ranger sa chambre
to clean up one's bedroom
rendre un devoir
to turn in homework
un service à
to do a favor for
visite à
to pay a visit to
réussir à un examen
to pass a test
sécher un cours
to cut class
to download
to find