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an exudate is characterized by a total protein concentration of greater than _____ g/dl and a total nucleated cell count of greater than _____ cells/ml
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pyogranulomatous inflammation consists of greater than ___ macrophages and ____-____ neutrophils15%, and 50-75%what color and odor does normal peritoneal and pleural fluid containcolorless to straw color and odorlessnormal peritoneal and pleural fluids have a total nucleated count of less than 10,000 cells/ml, what number do they typically have2,000-6,000how many lymph nodes should be sampled in patients with generalized lymphadenopathy2 nodes to compare themwhat is predominant cell found in a normal lymph nodesmall, mature lymphocytesreactive lymph nodes are responding to whatantigenic stimulationprimary lymphoid neoplasia is calledlymphomaprimary lymphoid neoplasia is characterized by a predominance of ____ and ___ ____lymphocytes and mitotic figuresnormal CSF fluid contains ____-___ mononuclear cells with the majority being ____95-100%, lymphocyteswhat two tings can cause a decrease in synovial fluidbacterial infection or effusionnormal synovial fluid consists of ____ mononuclear cells and less than ____ neutrophils90% and 10%a tracheal wash from a normal animal should contain ___ cells with the majority of them being ____ cellsfew and epithelialabnormal tracheal washes are classified as ____ because they tend to be very cellularexudateswhich type of non-inflammatory/non-neoplasitic lesion may rupture and start a foreign body response and are filled with a gray, brown, or yellowish cheesy materialkeratin producing sebaceous cystwhich type of non-inflammatory/non-neoplastic lesion contains fluid that is typically clear or amber in color with very little cellularityseromas/hygromasseromas form undersurgical sutureshygromas form onelbows/boneswhich type of non-inflammatory/non-neoplastic lesions is the most common salivary gland disorder in dogs and can appear as a soft, fluctuant submandibular masssialoceles (salivary mucocele)which type of non-inflammatory/non-neoplastic lesions is a wart like mass seen in older dogs and animals affected with these tumors will continue to grow new tumorssebaceous cystfluid from an abscess is typically what colorcreamy, yellow, pink or brownare fluid from an abscess typically opaque or translucentopaqueabscesses contain more than ___ neutrophils with a few macrophages90%if sterile abscesses are not caused by germs, what can they be caused bynon-living irritantshow many criteria must be a sample meet before being determined malignant?3 but 5 is more diagnosticname the criteria listed under general criteriaanisocytosis & macrocytosis, hypercellularity, and pleomorphismwhich of the two main types of criteria (general or nuclear) is most important for determining malignancy?name the criteria listed under nuclear criteriamacrokaryosis, anisokaryosis, multinucleation, increased mitotic activity, coarse chromatin pattern, nuclear molding, and abnormal nucleoliepithelial cells tumors are also referred to ascarcinoma or adenocarcinomaepithelial cell tumors exfoliate easily, so smears are cellular, but cells tend to be...clumped or clusteredepithelial cell tumors are often ____ with a secondary superficial ___ulcerated and infectionwhat type of carcinoma can occur anywhere on the skin of dogs and catssquamous cell carcinomamesenchymal cell tumors are also referred to as ____ _____ tumors or ____spindle cells or sarcomaname a type of mesenchymal cell tumorfibrosarcoma, liposarcoma, osteosarcoma, or hemangiosarcomamesenchymal cell tumors are derived from _____ ____ and are less cellularconnective tissuesround cell tumors exfoliate very well, but are ____ _____ in clumps of clustersusually notname a type of round cell tumorlymphomas, mast cell tumors, melanomas, and plasma cell tumorshistiocytomas are common in what age of dogsyoung (less than 3)what items can you use when shipping slides and blood tubes to help prevent breakageplastic/cardboard slide holderswhy should slides not be sent with formalin preserved specimensthey can become contaminateddescribe how histiocytomas can appearsolitary, red, dome shaped, and sparsely haired nodulesif a sample has a high cellularity count, it also means that there is a..