Medication Preparations and Supplies

Drug information

Type of preparation in which drug is supplied. Dependent on most suitable route of delivery and means of absorption. Information usually listed under "how Supplied" in drug literature.


Cap capsule Elix elixir Gtt drops Suppository Susp suspension Tab tablet

Drug route

IM intramuscular IM intramuscular R rectal Top topical

Transdermal delivery system

Dermal patch new drug form Advantages: easy application long lasting effect consistent MUST BE PUT ON A CLEAN AREA

Transdermal delivery system

angia, motion sickness etc

Ongoing research

for transdermal Birth control. High blood pressure. Ulcers Allergies Heart conditions

Implantable devices and membranes

Implantable devices and membranes Infusion pump insulin Under eyelid glaucoma

Standard Drug Forms

Routes GI Oral Nasogastric tube Gastrostomy tube

Oral drug forms

Enteric coated tablet is absorbed in the intestines. Lozenge troche

Rectal drug forms

suppository, enema solution

Injectable drug forms

ID intra-dermal TB shot

IM injection

is always a ninety degree intramuscular Epidermis, dermis, subcutaneous, muscle

SC injection

forty-five degrees. Subcutaneous injection

ID injection

ten to fifteen degrees Intra dermal injection

Standard Drug Forms

Injectable drug forms epidural intraosseous intra-ventricular intraspinal intra-capsular intra-articular

Mucvosal drug forms

eye, ear, nose drop gtts. eye ointment, vaginal cream, rectal and vaginal suppository

Topical drug forms mucosal

douche solution, buccal tablet, sublingual tablet.


multiple dose, one dose or unit dose


length and gauge


Occupation Safety and Health Administration OSHA

Needles can be

safety or needle less devices.

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