Physics Unit 2


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potential energy
definition: the amount of energy that is stored in an object; energy that an object has because of its position relative to other objects
sentence: Stretch a rubber band. Notice how it's ready to spring back. You've added ? ? to it.
definition: a unit of measurement of energy
sentence: One ? is the energy used to apply a one newton force over one meter.
kinetic energy
definition: the energy an object has due to its motion
sentence: An object's ? ? is the energy due to the object's motion. It is one half the product of the object's mass and the square of its speed.
definition: the change in a system's kinetic energy due to being acted on by a force
sentence: ? is a measure of how much energy is exerted on an object.
definition: the circular or elliptical path of an object as it revolves around another object
sentence:As the planets rotate, they also revolve around the Sun. The path that the planets take around the Sun is called their ?.
gravitational potential energy
definition: energy stored due to position in a gravitational field
sentence: ? ? ? is the potential energy due to gravity.
tangential acceleration
definition: acceleration that is directed in a tangential direction to circular motion
sentence: ? ? is any acceleration that is not directed toward the center and therefore breaks the object out of uniform circular motion.
centripetal acceleration
definition: the component of acceleration responsible for changing only velocity's direction
sentence: For an object to move in uniform circular motion, it must experience a constant acceleration directed toward the center of the circle on which it is traveling.
centripetal force
definition: any force that causes centripetal acceleration
sentence: If left alone, the bob would move in a straight line, but the string "pulls" the bob into an arc. The tension is a centripetal force causing the direction of the bob's path to change.