Unit 5 - Sadlier Level C

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indiscriminate(adj.) without restraint or control; unselectiveintrigue(n.) crafty dealings, underhanded plotting; (v.) to form and carry out plots; to puzzle or excite the curiosityjurisdiction(n.) an area of authority or control; the right to administer justiceplausible(adj.) appearing true, reasonable, or fairplebeian(adj.) common, vulgar; belonging to the lower class; (n.) a common person, member of the lower classprodigal(adj.) wastefully extravagant; lavishly or generously abundant; (n.) one who is wasteful and self-indulgentproximity(n.) nearness, closenesspulverize(v.) to ground or pound to a powder or dust; to destroy or overcome (as though by smashing into fragments)volatile(adj.) highly changeable, fickle; tending to become violent or explosive; changing readily from the liquid to the gaseous statesequel(n) that which follows , a result; a literary work or film continuing the story of one written or made earlier

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