scientific method terminology


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use of the senses to gather and record information
what you are trying to figure out in the experiment
statement of the scientists educated guess at the answer to the question
possible outcomes of the experiment. It should state the dependent variable will change in relation to the independent variable
Controlled experiment
An experiment that includes one variable, standardized variables, or controls. The experiment has to be able to be replicated thousands of times
independent variable
the variable that can be deliberately changed
dependent variable
what the investigator measures or counts or records, to learn the effect of changing the independent variable during the experiment
standardized variables
factors that are kept equal in all treatments so that any changes in the dependent variable can be attributed to any changes the investigator made in the independent variable
comparing sets of data to insure that the independent variable is responsible for the data you collected.
quantitative data
quantity or numbers
qualitative data
descriptions or words
sample size
# of samples in the experiment
protocol; procedures used to measure the dependent variable
a widely accepted explanatory idea
a conclusion or judgement. If one infers something, you do not see, hear, smell, feel, or taste the actual event
an empirical generalization; a statement of a biological principle that appears to be without exception, and has been consolidated by repeated successful testing