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Map Skills, Continent, and Oceans Test Study Guide

This continent is directly south of South America and is considered to be a continent even thought very few people live there.
A large land mass completely surrounded by water
What is the opposite of Southwest?
Is considered to be a continent even though it is not surrounded by water.
Two continents joined together forms?
North America
Which continent is the United States located in?
Longitude Lines
Imaginary lines that circles the globe from North to South.
South America
If a ship off the west coast of Africa followed the equator directly west it would touch?
Prime Meridian
0° longitude is the location of:
0° latitude is the location of:
Latitude Lines
Go from east to west, but measures North to South.
Hint: Sat on a Lat.
If you were to sail southwest from the United States, you would end up in:
Pacific Ocean
Off the coast of the western United States.
Know the Compass Rose
If you were sailing from the east coast of Virginia directly to Europe, in which direction would you be sailing?
Arctic Ocean
Lies at the northern most part of the Earth