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  1. a Natasha and Dimitri have a fulfilling marital relationship because they readily confide their deepest hopes and fears to each other. This best illustrates the value of
    A. passionate love.
    B. social facilitation.
    C. self-disclosure.
    D. the mere exposure effect.
  2. b To alleviate the stress he feels after failing a college course, Jeremy seeks social support from his friends and family. Jeremy's behavior best illustrates
    A. a Type A personality.
    B. a Type B personality.
    C. problem-focused coping.
    D. emotion-focused coping.
  3. c Your book reports that research shows that "University men who spent the most hours playing violent video games tended to be the most physically aggressive" (p. 605). Which of the statements below is an appropriate conclusion based on this finding alone?
    A.People shouldn't play any video games at all because they lead to aggression.
    B.This study does not demonstrate that playing violent video games causes aggression, because other factors could account for both involvement in violent video games and aggressive behavior.
    C.This study shows that playing lots of violent video games causes aggressive behavior.
    D.Girls aren't aggressive because they don't play violent video games.

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  1. The concept of personality most clearly embodies the notion of
    A. moral integrity.
    B. self-consciousness.
    C. behavioral consistency.
    D. self-actualization.
  2. Most recent participants reported feeling more happy than sad after rubberbands secured to the sides of their faces were stretched over the tops of their heads. Their reactions best illustrated
    A. the feel-good, do-good phenomenon.
    B. the adaptation-level principle.
    C. the facial feedback effect.
    D. the spillover effect.
  3. According to Freud, the part of personality that represents our sense of right and wrong and our ideal standards is the
    A. Oedipus complex.
    B. ego.
    C. id.
    D. superego.
  4. The fundamental attribution error refers to our tendency to underestimate the impact of ________ and to overestimate the impact of ________ in explaining the behavior of others.
    A. normative influences; informational influences
    B. informational influences; normative influences
    C. personal dispositions; situational influences
    D. situational influences; personal dispositions
  5. Which of the following BEST explains why stress heightens vulnerability to bacterial and viral infections?
    A. Stress hormones accelerate the "hardening" of the arteries.
    B. Stress hormones facilitate the depositing of cholesterol and fat around the heart.
    C. Stress hormones suppress the production of lymphocytes.
    D. Stress hormones trigger the release of carcinogens.

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  1. DThe social-cognitive perspective emphasizes the interactive influences of our traits and our
    A. temperaments.
    B. situations.
    C. fixations.
    D. self-concepts.


  2. BThe social-cognitive perspective emphasizes the interactive influences of our traits and our
    A. temperaments.
    B. situations.
    C. fixations.
    D. self-concepts.


  3. AIt has been suggested that baring the teeth is universally associated with the expression of anger because this ability to convey threats has helped humans to survive. This suggestion best illustrates the
    A. evolutionary perspective.
    B. relative deprivation principle.
    C. two-factor theory.
    D. adaptation-level phenomenon.


  4. CIf one were to generalize from Sherif's study of conflict resolution between two groups of campers, the best way for the United States and China to improve their relationship would be to
    A. hold highly publicized athletic contests between the two countries.
    B. minimize their trade and economic exchanges.
    C. conduct a joint space program designed to land humans on Mars.
    D. allow citizens of each country the right to freely immigrate to the other country.


  5. BContinuing to operate a fuel-inefficient car despite warnings about the effect of greenhouse gases best illustrates the dynamics of
    A. social loafing.
    B. a social trap.
    C. the fundamental attribution error.
    D. the mere exposure effect.