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  1. a Your book reports that research shows that "University men who spent the most hours playing violent video games tended to be the most physically aggressive" (p. 605). Which of the statements below is an appropriate conclusion based on this finding alone?
    A.People shouldn't play any video games at all because they lead to aggression.
    B.This study does not demonstrate that playing violent video games causes aggression, because other factors could account for both involvement in violent video games and aggressive behavior.
    C.This study shows that playing lots of violent video games causes aggressive behavior.
    D.Girls aren't aggressive because they don't play violent video games.
  2. b Men and women students watched film clips that were sad, happy, or frightening. Measures taken during their viewing of films showed that the genders differed the most in their
    A. self-reported emotions.
    B. changes in heart rate.
    C. facial expressions of emotion.
    D. changes in respiration.

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  1. As you are waiting to be interviewed for a job, your heart rate, body temperature, and breathing rate begin to increase. These physiological changes are produced by activation of the ________ nervous system.
    A. parasympathetic
    B. sympathetic
    C. somatic
    D. central
  2. A notable improvement in morale was observed among nursing home patients who experienced an enhanced sense of
    A. fixation.
    B. free association.
    C. personal control.
    D. factor analysis.
  3. Overestimating the extent to which others notice and evaluate our appearance and performance is called
    A. external locus of control.
    B. self-serving bias.
    C. the spotlight effect.
    D. fixation.
  4. In Milgram's obedience experiments, "teachers" were MOST likely to deliver high levels of shock when
    A. the experimenter was perceived to be an ordinary college student like themselves.
    B. the "learner" was placed in a different room from the "teacher."
    C. they saw that other "learners" disobeyed the experimenter.
    D. they saw how "learners" who disobeyed the experimenter were punished.
  5. The basic components of emotion are
    A. sympathetic arousal, parasympathetic inhibition, and cognitive labeling.
    B. physical gestures, facial expressions, and psychological drives.
    C. expressive behaviors, physiological arousal, and conscious experience.
    D. cognition, affect, and behavior.

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  1. CIt has been suggested that baring the teeth is universally associated with the expression of anger because this ability to convey threats has helped humans to survive. This suggestion best illustrates the
    A. evolutionary perspective.
    B. relative deprivation principle.
    C. two-factor theory.
    D. adaptation-level phenomenon.


  2. DMost recent participants reported feeling more happy than sad after rubberbands secured to the sides of their faces were stretched over the tops of their heads. Their reactions best illustrated
    A. the feel-good, do-good phenomenon.
    B. the adaptation-level principle.
    C. the facial feedback effect.
    D. the spillover effect.


  3. CThe person-situation controversy involves a debate regarding the influence of ________ and ________ on behavior.
    A. self-concept; self-esteem
    B. optimism; pessimism
    C. environments; traits
    D. the real self; the ideal self


  4. AA refusal to believe direct and highly credible evidence that your spouse is suffering a terminal illness best illustrates
    A. denial.
    B. displacement.
    C. fixation.
    D. projection.


  5. BThe emotional bonding and mutual support that survivors of natural disasters provide to one another best illustrates
    A. the general adaptation syndrome.
    B. the tend-and-befriend response.
    C. spontaneous remission.
    D. biofeedback.