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Protoclassical Greece: Doric architecture

the period between the archaic and the classical
Temple of Aphanaia at Aegina
off the coast of attica dating 510-490 BCE 6x12 hexastyle pronaos and opistodomos distyle in antis; door between cella and opisthodomos. slight widening of the corner columns and a slanting of peristyle columns.west and east pediments have a ten year dated difference, battle scenes show development in sculpture. newer east pediment shows more emotion and natural movement.
square spaces between the triglyphs of a doric frieze; the plain opening between the roof joists; often adorned with finely sculpted figures; an opening or hole in a frieze for a beam or any square areas whether plain or decorated in a Doric frieze
strangford apollo
490, pre persian invasion
kristos boy
480 post persian invasion. greek consciousnesses. shift of weight.
Temple of zeus at olympia
470 aand 456 BCE. libon of ellis. phideas carved the zeus statue. hexastyle doric temple, pronaos and opistodomos are distyle in antis.