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  1. Regulator Movements
  2. William Pitt
  3. Paxton Boys
  4. Currency Act of 1751
  5. Molasses Act of 1733
  1. a vigilante mob that massacred many Native Americans in response to what they thought was poor defense from natives and increased tensions from French/Indian War
  2. b tax that was designed to force colonists to buy British molasses due to high duty on non-British molasses
  3. c act designed to control currency circulation in the colonies to protect British merchants from receiving depreciated (less-valued) money
  4. d British minister that took control during French-Indian War, made allies with colonies and administered fight, effective leader who was confident in victory, forced out of office by George III
  5. e violent uprising in North Carolina when colonists were unhappy with corrupt officials, colonists took up arms to officials

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  1. general, philanthropist, and founder of Georgia, tried to establish a Utopian society, eventually crumbled
  2. preacher from Massachusetts who was important in the First Great Awakening, a spiritual enlightenment during the 1700s
  3. document written by John Locke outlining the nobility of Carolina
  4. general who lead British forces against French general Louis-Joseph de Montcalm at Quebec
  5. Catholic English monarch who was loyal to the French, eventually ousted due to absolute control and ignorance of Parliament as well as concerns with his religion

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  1. Gen. Edward Braddockhead of the Dominion of New England, dissolved colonial assemblies, enforced taxes, and tried to take on Puritans


  2. George WhitefieldAnglican minister who spread the First Great Awakening through Great Britain and the colonies, very famous and popular, founder of Methodism


  3. William and Marytwo monarchs that ascended the English crown during the Glorious Revolution


  4. Old and New LightsEnglish Bill of Rights which outlined inalienable rights that all English citizens were guaranteed


  5. Declaration of Rightspassed by George III to keep colonists from moving west into native lands to prevent further war, designated a line between colonies and native lands