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Asiatic invaders ruled Egypt

New Kingdom

the pharaohs sought to strenghten Egypt by building an empire


declared herself pharaoh

Thutmose III

Hatshepsut's stepson, warlike ruler, invaded Palestine, Nubia, and Syria. he was an agressive leader


a region of Africa that straddles the Upper Nile River

Ramses II

a pharaoh that made a treaty with a Hattie king that promised peace and brotherhood forever


Nubian kingdom


Kushite king that overthrew the Libyan dynasty, united entire Nile Valley from the delta in the north to Napata in the South


center of the Kush dynasty. known for its manufacture of iron weapons and tools


acquired a large empire


one of the Assyrian kings, he bragged that he had destroyed cities and villages, he burned Babylon and ordered most of its inhabitatnts killed.


king Sennacherib established this Assyrian captial along the Tigris River


this king collected mre than 20,000 clay tablets from throughout the Fertile Crescent


they wre an army combined with Chaldeans and other adn burned and leveled Nineveh


helped medes burn and level Nineveh


a Chaldean king that restored the city


created a great Persian empire. Persian's king who began to conquer several neighboring kingdoms


Cyrus' son and he expanded the Persian Empire by conquering Egypt, he was unlike his father


Cambyses' succesor, he ws a noble of the ruling dynasty and had begun his carrer as a member of the kings bodyguard, it expands into modern day India


was the name of the local governors that ruled locally

Royal Road

ran from Susa in Persia to Sardis in Anatolia, a distance of 1,677 miles


a Persian prophet who taught that people had to choose good and evil, he was a BIG INFLUENCE


China's most influential scholar, lived during the fall of the Zhou dynasty

filial piety

respect for paretns and ancestors


a trained civil service, or those who run the government


a philosophy based on the ideas of the Chinese thinker Laozi who taught that people should be guided by a universal force called the Dao (way)


political philosophy based on the idea that a highly efficient and powerful government is the key to social order

I Ching

a book of oracles that helped solve ethical or practical problems

yin and yang

2 powers that together represent the natural rhythms of life

Qin dynasty

in the 3rd century b.c. they replaced the Zhou dynasty

Shi Huangdi

in 221 b.c. after ruling for 20 years, the Qin ruled assumed this name which means "First Emperor"


a government that has unlimited power and uses it an arbitrary manner

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