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Network+ Guide to Networks - sixth edition (chapter 8 review)

Network+ Guide to Networks - sixth edition (chapter 8 review)
To transmit and receive signals to and from multiple nodes in a three-story office building, what type of antenna should an access point use?
Defined: issues and receives wireless signals with equal strength and clarity in all directions.(commonly used by radio stations for traveling cars)
which of the following is not true about multipath signaling?
Multipath signaling uses less energy and results in clearer reception than line-of-sight signaling.
You are setting up a WLAN for an insurance agency. The network includes 32 clients, three printers, two servers, and a DSL modem for Internet connectivity. What type of WLAN architecture would best suit this office?
Which of the following 802.11 transmission requirements contributes to its inefficiency?
A destination node must issue an acknowledgment for every packet that is received intact.
In the 802.11 standard, IEEE specifies what type of access method?
Suppose a user on your office network has changed the channel on which his wireless NIC communicates. Assuming the wireless connection is his only access to the LAN, what will happen when he next tries to send an e-mail?
The e-mail program will respond with a message indicating it could not connect to the mail server.
What frequency band is used by 802.11b, 802.11g, and 802.11n?
2.4 GHz
Your office currently runs a mix of 802.11b and 802.11g clients. Rumor has it that your company is about to merge with another company that uses a different wireless
technology. Which of the following would be compatible with what your WLAN currently runs?
If your wireless stations are configured to perform passive scanning, what do they need from an access point to initiate association?
A beacon frame
You're working on a school district's 802.11n WLAN. Within each school, several access points serve students, teachers, and administrators. So that users can move about the school with their laptops and not lose network connectivity, each of the access points must share which of the following?
The same ESSID
When a mobile WLAN user roams from access point A's range into access point B's range, what does it do automatically to maintain network connectivity?
Reassociate with access point B
Which two of the following techniques help to reduce overhead in 802.11n wireless transmission?
Frame aggregation

Channel bonding
Your organization is expanding and plans to lease 3000 square feet of space in a nearby building. Your supervisor asks you to conduct a site survey of the space. If conducted properly, which of the following will your site survey reveal?
All of the above
Which of the following wireless technologies boasts the highest maximum theoretical throughput?
Which of the following will help an access point's transmissions reach farther?
Boosting its signal strength
hat part of a cellular network manages handoff?
The base station
Suppose you work for a telecommunications carrier who is looking into providing WiMAX in a suburb of a large city. A colleague suggests that your company reserve licensed frequencies from the FCC for your service. Why?
Licensed frequencies will suffer less interference than unlicensed frequencies.
On your Linux workstation, you open a terminal window and type at the command prompt iwconfig eth0 key 5c00951b22. What have you done?
Established the credentials the wireless interface will use to communicate securely with the access point
As the network manager for a small business, you have been asked to evaluate high-speed, packet-switched wireless data services that your company's users can use at their desks, in their cars, and at their homes within your metropolitan area. Which two of the following meet those criteria, and are therefore candidates for evaluation?

Which of the following types of satellites is used to provide satellite data services?
Geosynchronous orbit