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to bake
to cook at a high temperature usually in an oven
to beat
to mix with a spoon whisk or beater using a fast motion
to boil
to heat a liquid until it gets very hot and bubbles
to grease
to cover a pan with oil, butter, or shortening
to marinate
to soak uncooked food in a liquid for a period of time to add flavor
to preheat
to heat an oven to a certain temperature before baking something
to saute
to cook with a small amount of oil in a skillet
to simmer
to cook in a liquid at low temperature on a stovetop
to peel/pare
to remove the peel from a vegetable or fruit
to chop/cube/dice
to cut into small pieces
to slice
to cut fruit, bread or any other food into smaller pieces
to crush
to break up some ice or food into many pieces
to mix
to combine two or more ingredients
to melt
to change from a solid to a liquid usually because of heat
to pour
to fill up a bowl or cup with a liquid substance
to grate
to make cheese or any other food into many small pieces by rubbing it on something rough
to fry
to cook food in fat or oil
to spread
to cover with a layer of something smooth like nutella, butter, jam etc.
to taste
to eat or drink a small quantity
to knead
mix; work dough; mix and work into a uniform mass (with the hands)
to flour
to sprinkle or coat with flour
to barbeque/grill
To cook by broiling, grilling, roasting, or baking, traditionally on a rack over hot coals
to blend
to stir ingredients until they are thoroughly combined
to broil
to cook uncovered UNDER a direct source of heat
to toss
to gently mix together

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