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Adult literacy and GED teachers

teach courses to children and adults in literacy, ESL, GED test prep

Cafeteria cooks

make large quantities of food for school breakfast, lunch and after-school programs


instruct group and individuals about the fundamental of sports

Education administrators (child-care)

are in charge of academic and nonacademic activities for young children in preschools or day care programs

Janitors and cleaners

keep schools spotless by cleaning all areas of the premises

Postsecondary teachers (college and university facility)

work in different academic departments or fields and usually teach several different classes related to their specialties

School bus drivers

take students to and from school

School counselors

might counsel students on social, personal or behavior issues; high school counselors might advise students on choosing classes, a major or college admissions

Self-Enrichment teachers

instruct nonacademic courses that you might take in your free time, such as, cooking or knitting

Special education teachers

teach educationally and physically handicapped students basic academics and life processes skills

Elementary/ secondary school administrator

Trains and supervises staff, sets instructional objectives, and works to build a rapport with parents.

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