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The Epidermis chapter 5

The layers of the Epidermis from most superficial to deepest

Stratum Corneum
Straitum Lucidium (only in thick skin)
Stratum Granulosum
sratum Spinosum
Stratum Basel(Basment layer)

What is another name for the skin?

cutaneous membrane

Which of the following is not an accessory of the skin?Hair,Nails,Various glands,Muscles,nerves,merkel disc.

Merkel Disc are not part of the skin.

The functions of the skin are tempature regulation,water repellent,barrier to the external enviornment,sensory information,synathesis of Vitaman D and it protects underlying tissue from....

Uv radiation

name the layers of the skin in order

EPIdermis(note epi means above,top)
dermis,hypodermis(note: hypo means below)

The hypodermis is

the layer underneath the dermis,layer of adipose tissue, anchors to the dermis.

Thin skin covers all parts of the body except for ?

palms of hands and soles of feet

thick skin lacks

hair an sebacous glands

The Epidermis is _______skin


The _______muscle when contracted causes what to stand on end


Where is the Arrector pilli muscle present?

It is present in thin skin

Sudorrirferous Glands are more numerous in the________skin


The sudorriferous glands are_______glands


Sebecous gland secrerte....


There are four principal types of cells in the epidermis, three of them are (no specific order
Langerhuans cells
and what is the other kind?

Merkel cells

The cell that is most numerous and is arranged in 4-5 layers produces keratin


These glands work as waterproof sealents

Lameller glands

Pigment that blocks UV radiation is known as


All people produce the same amount of melanin, so why are some people darker skinned than others?

Because their body produces it at a faster pace

This cell praticipates in immunity and is a small fraction of the epidermal cells


Single row of cuboital or coloumnar keratinocytes some of which are stem cells

Stratum basel

Stratum spinosum contains how many layers of tightly packed and many sided keratinocytes

8-10 layers

The stratum lucidium contains

3-5 layers of clear flat and dead keratinocytes

The stratum Corneum contains how many layers of dead flat keratinocytes


The dermis has 3 types of cells they are

fibroblast macrophages and adipocytes

Between fibers of the reticular region are....

hair follicles,sebaceous glands(also known as oil glands),nerves, and suderiferous glands(sweat glands)

Straight lines or loops caused by epidermis projecting into the dermis

epidermal ridges

Melanin carotene hemoglobin

are the 3 main pigment producing molecules

with out _____and carotine skin appears translusent


Blond hair and red hair have melanin vareints with more iron and


Hiar that has no bubbles or melanin will be


The main function of the eccerine glands is

thermoregulation or( tempature reguation)

Deep wound healing occurs in four phases they are


In which phase of deep wound healing does a blood clot form loosely uniting wound edges


in which phase of deep wound healing does the clot dry into a scab?

Migratory phase

In this phase of deep wound healing the scab come off


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