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Spain in the 19th Century


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French invasion of Spain
Jose I Bonaparte's imposed as the ruling king.
War of Independence
Military conflict between Napoleon Bonaparte's empire and the Spanish Empire.
Started on the 2nd of May in Madrid.
AKA: The Peninsular war
Civil War in 1808
Different political ideas lead into a civil war.
Cortes de Cádiz in 1812
The first Constitution of Spain was written and approved here.
First constitution (of Cádiz) (la Pepa)
Was a liberal text in which the rights and liberties of citizens were defended against absolutism.
Return of Absolutism
Fernando VII of Bourbon comes back from exile and returns to the throne.
Reign of Fernando VII
He abolished the Constitution and restored absolutism.
The Spanish colonies in America were not pleased and claimed their independence.
Isabel II in 1933
She's still 3 years old. Her mother becomes Queen Regent until she's old enough.
Mª Cristina of Bourbon.
Infante Carlos
Brother of Fernando VII.
Doesn't find fair that his brother changed the Law of Succession because now he cannot access the throne.
The group of people who supported Carlos and wanted to reinstate Absolutism.
Group of people who supported Isabel and Mª Cristina.
Approved a new Constitution in 1837
Queen Isabel II in 1847
She becomes queen in 1847 at the age of 13.
Moderate Liberals
One group of liberals.
Represented by Narváez.
Supported by the wealthy classes.
Wanted to stay the same.
One group of liberals.
Represented by Espartero.
Supported by the working classes.
Wanted to bring more liberties.
Reign of Isabel II
It lasted from 1847 till 1868.
This year a military group rose up against her and she went into exile.
Constitution of 1869
Moderate text.
Establishes Parliamentary Monarchy.
Amadeo I
He becomes king in 1870.
He's forced to renounce the throne in 1873.
First Spanish Republic
Proclaimed in 1873. Lasted until 1874 when a military uprising restored the Bourbon monarchy.
Alfonso XII of Bourbon.
Son of Isabel II.
Is restored to the throne in 1874.
His reign lasts until 1885.
Constitution of 1876
Very conservative.
Determines that the two political parties have to alternate.
Led by Cánovas del Castillo.
Very traditional.
Led by Sagasta.
Wanted liberty and equality.
Mª Cristina of Austria
The wife of Alfonso XII.
Becomes Queen Regent while her son, the rightful heir, is still a baby.

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