15 terms

Chapter 3: "Protein Structure and Function"

amino acids
building blocks of proteins
amino functional group. positive charge
carboxyl group. highly electronegative and acidic. double bond on one oxygen atom and a single bond on a hydroxyl atom
hydrogen atom
R group
side chain. no charge
nonpolar side chains
not polar (no water molecules can be formed). more carbon and hydrogen atoms
polar side chains
polar. water molecule can be formed.
basic side chains (NH3 important)
consists of carbon, nitrogen, hydrogen and oxygen atoms
Acidic side chains
contain more oxygen atoms
condensation reaction
monomer in, water out
hydrolysis reaction
water in, monomer out
primary structure
unique order of amino acids in a protein
secondary structure
created by hydrogen bonding of polypeptides creating a coiled helix or a pleated-sheets formation
tertiary structure
results becaue of interactions between R groups which gives it a 3-D shape
Quarternary structure
interaction of various polypeptides