7 terms

Break down

Temporal bone openings (8)
carotid canal,
External acoustic meatus,
Opening to tympanic cavity,
Foramen lacerum,
Internal acoustic meatus,
Jugular foramen,
Petrotympanic fissure,
Stylomastoid foramen
Maxilla (2)
incisive foramen,
infraorbital foramen and canal
Palatine bone
Greater palatine foramen,
Lesser palatine foramen
mandibular foramen
mental foramen
Ethmoid bone
Cribriform plate with foramina
Occipital bone
Foramen lacerum,
foramen magnum,
hypoglossal canal,
jugular foramen,
Sphenoid bone (name 7)
foramen lacerum,
foramen ovale,
foramen rotundum,
foramen spinosum,
inferior orbital fissure,
optic canal and foramen,
pterygoid canal,