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Social Work Exam 1

Which movement focused on helping individuals correct personal flaws that landed them in poverty?
Charity Organization Society Movement
Charity Organization Societies relied on which group to provide needed services to the poor?
friendly visitors
Who was care for the poor provided by before the Elizabethan Poor Law?
the church
Expecting poor people to achieve economic security through their own efforts is an example of:
laissez-faire point of view
The practice of helping those in need while insisting on responsibility and results most accurately describes:
compassionate conservatism
The Great Society and the War on Poverty are associated with which presidential administration?
Lyndon B. Johnson
Settlement houses and charity organizations operated during what period of American history?
late 1800s and early 1900s
Many public buildings such as libraries and hospitals were built by unemployed adults during the Great Depression under the auspices of the:
Works Progress Administration
Poor and immigrant city dwellers received needed services and took part in recreational and educational activities in:
settlement houses
During colonial times, the "unworthy poor" were sent to:
physical structure where community based services and advocacy for the poor and disenfranchised are carried out
settlement house
1st relief organization to develop program for the needy; used "scientific philanthropy" which incorporated individual assessment and development of coordinated service efore providing services
charity organization society
belonged to an organization to asisst the urban poor; worked with charity organization society
friendly visitors
1935; welfare service that provided public service jobs and employed approximately 8 million workers during the Depression
Works Progress Administration
settlement house established by Jane Addams in 1869 in the worst Chicago neighborhood; addressed problems of poor housing, low wages, child labor, juvenile delinquency and disease; major social action agency
Hull House
place where the unworthy poor were sent to
place where the worthy poor were sent to receive minimal care
Almshouse (indoor relief)
providing cash assistance that allowed individuals to remain in their own homes
outdoor relief