Death and the afterlife

According to Dr. Wright's lecture, the practice of Endocannibalism refers to:
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According to Kongolese tradition ancestors are held to be this color:WhiteKongolese cosmology posits that the universe is divided into two worlds, the world of the living and the world the gods.TrueIn Yoruba and Candomble communal ritual Igbas are:Talking drumsKongolese tradition teaches that the dead live on in another realm, and that some of the dead remain very near to living.TrueAccording to your readings, all Sub-Saharan African ethnic groups venerate the living deadFalseSanteria exhibits strong Yoruba influences.TrueThere is a strong notion of Heaven in Haitian Vodou.FalseKongolese religion has a monotheistic cosmogony.TrueAccording to Kongolese cosmology, a person who dies and enters the land of the dead still remains a integral member of the community of the living.TrueAfrican systems of reincarnation are very similar to Hindu and Buddhist conceptions of samsara.FalseDante's Divine Comedy is divided into four sections .FalseAccording to Dr. Dan Johnson, the most explicit teaching in Early Christianity about Death and the Afterlife in found in the Sermon on the Mount.FalseAccording to Dr. Ross, the Bardis would have financed the Christian chapel at Santa Croce for which of the following reasons:Social Visibility and Religious meritThe term glossallalia refers to:Speaking in TonguesCharitable donations (such as a chapel or supporting monks and nuns) were (are) believed to count as "good works" and help a person at the time of judgment.TrueJesus was born in Nazareth.FalseIn Catholicism there are __________ sacraments.sevenCatholicism is noted for always having a separate sacrament for the sick and the dying.FalseThe Sermon on the Mount was given by:JesusThis figure is responsible for the majority of the New Testament.paulAccording to Rob Bell, it seems that people have been prone to a "God's with us and against them" mentality.TrueAccording to van Holten, the doctrine of hell, as a theological device, ensures that . . .According to van Holten, there is absolutely no scriptural evidence to support the doctrine of hell.FalseAccording to Kathryn Gin's article, people who believe in hell should be taken seriously because, to them, hell represents . . ."a backstop on the slippery slope to social chaos . .According to Sean O'Neil's lecture, the "vertical" emphasis in Christianity is to love your neighbor / fellow person.FalseAccording to Rob Bell, there are "hells on earth" and Christians can "get rid of" them by loving their neighbor.TrueAccording to Kathryn Gin's article, "hell __________ in America."Never stopped matteringIn hindu traditions, one can never escape the cycle of rebirth and deathfalseWhile most Hindus adhere to the practice of cremating their dead, some engage in the practice of burying their dead.TrueAccording to the Upanishads, the Sanskrit word "atman" refers to:a human "soul"Thinkers like Henry David Thoreau, and American Transcendentalism in general, rebelled against the teachings found in the Bhagavad Gita.TrueThis Sanskrit term refers to "liberation:"Atman?The Hindu concept Samsara refers to ___________.The cycle of life and deathAccording to the Bhagavad Gita, the physical body is referred to as:an old piece of clothing?The famous dialogue in the Bhagavad Gita is between Krishna and:ArjunaThe King or Lord of Death, also known as the father of fathers, is:YamaThe Hindu god Vishnu is frequently depicted reclining on a serpent which is meant to represent ____________.His mastery over space and timeBuddhist traditions maintain that there is a permanent Self, and becoming one with this Self is the way to attain Nirvana.TrueWhich of the following is Not one of the "Three Marks of Existence" in Buddhist traditions:Consciousness