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Engels unit 6


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bad-hair day
a day when you feel that you do not look attractive, especially because of your hair
capture an expression
to represent the look of someone's face accurately in a picture or photograph
commission a portrait
to arrange for someone to paint a picture of a person in exchange for payment
praising or expressing admiration for someone
a secret plan made by a group of people to do something bad or illegal
draw your own conclusion
To consider the facts of a situation and make a decision about what is true, correct, likely to happen etc.
eyes boring into you
If someone's eyes are boring into you, that person is staring very hard at you.
from the outset
from the beginning
An innate quality or ability is one that you were born with, not one you have learned
in your element
in a place or situation that is completely natural and comfortable for you
minor character
somebody in a story who is not very important
expressed in a way that is too strong
passing moods and emotions
emotional states that do not last long
plead guilty
to state in court that you are guilty of a crime
put the finishing touches to
to add small details in order to make something perfect
the state of being too aware of how you appear to others
so to speak
used to explain that you are using a special or unusual expression
status symbol
something that someone owns that shows they have a high position in society
trail of destruction
instances of damage in different places along a route
turn out
to happen in a particular way, or to have a particular result
making you feel worried or uncomfortable