Spanish Verb Conjugations--Present Tense, -AR, -ER, -IR

Introduction to Spanish--Blessed Sacrament Catholic School Present tense conjugations of regular Spanish verbs with -ar, -er, and ir endings.
Yo compro
I buy
Yo bailo
I dance
Yo canto
I sing
Yo entro
I enter
Yo estudio
I study
Tú hablas
You speak
Tú haces
You do / You make
Tú llamas
You call
Tú miras
You watch / You look
Tú vives
You live
Él anda
He walks
Él conduce
He drives
Él cree
He believes
Él debe
He should / He must
Él lleva
He takes / He wears / He carries
Nosotros vemos
We see
Nosotros venimos
We come
Nosotros tenemos
We have
Nosotros pensamos
We think
Nosotros estamos
We are
Ellos conocen
They know (people/places)
Ellos creen
They believe
Ellos hacen
They do / They make
Ellos pagan
They pay
Ellos salen
They leave / They go out