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Who agreed to give Germany the Sudentenland in 1938 in a show of appeasement?
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Why did the U.S become involved in the Korean War?Believed it was important to resist communist aggressionDuring the Cold War, the U.S and USSR formed what?Competing military alliancesWhat is McCarthyism?The accusing of subversive activities without sufficient evidenceWhat was FDR's goal of creating the Securities and Exchange Commission?To restore the public's faith in financial institutionsWhat was the Truman Doctrine originally designed for?To contain communism by giving aid to Greece and TurkeyWhen were many goods were rationed?During WW||Most conservatives who opposed FDRs policies believed in what?That the new deal was endangering the free enterprise systemFarmers were greatly affected by the Dust Bowl as portrayed in?The Grapes of WrathDuring the New Deal period, Congress blocked FDRs attempt at?Appointing additional Justices to the Supreme CourtWhat was the primary goal of the U.S containment policy?To stop the spread of Soviet InfluenceWhat were Japanese Americans subjected to?The greatest loss of constitutional rights during WW||How did geographic isolation protect America?Kept most of the fighting and damage awayDuring WW||, the need of materials resulted in?The rationing of many consumer goodsHow were the Victory Gardens used during WW||?As a way to raise more food for home consumptionWhat was the immediate effect of the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki?The surrender of Japan to the U.S and the end of WW||What accurately characterizes the policy followed by the U.S in the years between WW| and WW||?Isolation from European military conflictsWhat was one of the greatest obstacles to achieving racial integration in the armed forces?The federal courts refusal to allow the integration to the arm forcesWhy was D-day important to the outcome of WW||?It opened a new allied front in EuropeTruman's decision to use atomic weapons against Japan in WW||demonstrated his desire to?End the war while limiting loss of U.S livesWhat was on of the primary goals of NATO?To unite Western Europe in response to the threat of communist aggressionWhat was the fundamental principle of the Nuremberg war crimes tribunal?That national leaders are responsible for their wartime actionsWhat affect did the successful launching of the Sputnik by the Soviets in 1957 have on Americans?Sparked American fears that the Soviet have achieved technological superiority