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Credibility Gap
Define: The difference b/t how well we were doing in the war and what LBJ was telling us
Significance: Many Americans stopped trusting the government
Geneva Accords
Define: The French agreed to leave Vietnam & there would be an election to decide who runs Vietnam
Significance: The South Vietnamese (our allies) canceled the election b/c they knew they would lose
Gulf of Tonkin Resolution
Define: Congress gave power to LBJ to fight the North Vietnamese to defend our presence there
Significance: LBJ used the power to start the "war"
Kent State Shootings
Define: The shooting at unarmed anti-war protesters as a college (4 died)
Significance: A second shooting at Jackson State also led to more Americans to see the war as wrong
My Lai Massacre
Define: The US soldiers massacred 500 innocent Vietnamese civilians
Significance: It led to many Americans to see our presence in Vietnam as morally wrong
Tet Offensive
Define: an large attack by the Viet Cong—they lost the battle but they showed that they weren't giving up
Significance: Many Americans started to oppose the war b/c it was clear they were not going to give up
War of Attrition
Define: the US strategy to wear down the Viet Cong's strength and will to fight
Significance: it failed b/c they gained more new troops faster than we could kill them
War Powers Resolution
Define: Congress made it clear that it had to give permission to the President to continue to use military force
Significance: it reduced the power of the president to get the US into war without congressional approval