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When is Shawn's birthday?
August 8, 1998
How old is he?
What is his full name?
Shawn Peter Raul Mendes.
What are his parents names and what do they do?
His mother Karen is a real estate agent, and his father Manuel is a business man.
What heritage does his last name come from?
Where did he go to school?
He went to the Pine Ridge Secondary School in the Pickering suburb of Ontario.
What sports did he play in high school?
ice hockey and soccer
What instruments does he play?
He can play both the piano and the guitar
How tall is he?
Where did he gain his popularity?
When did he sign to his record label?
Who noticed him and signed him?
artist manager Andrew Gertler and Ziggy Chareton
What is his record label?
Island Records
What did he want to be before he was a singer?
When did he get verified on Twitter?
The same day he got signed to his record label
When did he release his first single?
June 2014
What was his first single?
Life of the Party
How old was he when he debuted on the top 25 of Billboard Hot 100
15 years, 11 months, and 4 days
Shawn is the youngest artist since ___ to have a number one album
Justin Bieber
When did he release his debut EP?
July 2014
How long did it take for his first EP to reach number 1?
37 minutes
When did he start playing guitar?
When was his first concert?
October 26th 2013
What group was he a part of before being signed?
Who was the first tour he opened for?
Austin Mahone
When did he release his first album?
April 2015
What is the name of his album?
Who flew Shawn to dinner in Los Angeles?
Ed Sheeran
Where does he currently live?
In Pickering with his family
How many siblings does he have?
What is the name(s) of his sibling(s)?
Who many languages can he speak?
What languages can he speak?
English, Spanish, and French
What is his favorite color?
What insect does he dislike?
How many times faster does he eat than the average human?
How often does he work out?
at least once a day
What are his favorite foods?
Chinese, omelets, almonds, chocolate-chip cookies, cereal, and muffins
What is his least favorite food?
What does he secretly enjoy?
What was the first album he bought?
Either Shaina Twain or Hannah Montana
What is he allergic to?
What are his favorite shows?
Lost and The 100
Who does he want to collab with?
Ed Sheeran, Justin Bieber, Logic, and Eminem
When did he release his snapchat?
Christmas Day 2014
What is his snapchat?
What Teen Choice Award did he win and when?
Webstar in Music in 2014
When did he announce he was opening for 1989 Tour?
November 3rd, 2014
Where does he sleep better than in hotels?
Tour bus
What did Time magazine include him in?
25 most influential teens of 2014
When did he reach 3 million followers on Twitter?
April 19th 2015
When did he reach 3 million followers on Instagram?
May 12th 2015
What happens every time before he goes on stage?
He has to go to the bathroom
What is his Zodiac sign?
What series is he a massive fan of?
Harry Potter
Who did he once write a song about pizza with?
Ed Sheeran and Hoodie
What does he play on his iPad every night?
Boom Beach
How many times has he lost his wallet?
Over 10
When did he create his YouTube channel?
January 18th, 2011
Favorite drink?
Aloe Water
When did he create his YouTube channel?