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Bluebonnet Books 2018

Ada's Violin
Follow the Moon Home
Cousteau and Hopkinson
In the Footsteps of Crazy Horse
Key to Extraordinary
Little Cat's Luck
M. Bauer
Lola Levine Drama Queen
Maybe a Fox
Appelt and McGhee
J. Bauer
Some Kind of Courage
The Best Man
The Girl Who Drank the Moon
The Great Shelby Holmes
The Last Kids on Earth
The Magnificent Mya Tibbs
The Princess and the Warrior
The Storyteller
The Great Pet Escape
Towers Falling
Unidentified Suburban Object
a town built on trash & how an idea changes it
idea behind Ada's Violin
Ada Rios & Favio Chavez
main characters of Ada's Violin
Archer Magill & Lynette
main characters of The Best Man
a look at a boy's life and his 4 male role models
idea behind The Best Man
Xan, Luna, Fyrian and Glerk; Antain & his uncle, Grand Elder Gherland
main characters of the The Girl Who Drank the Moon
a teenager saves the Protectorate with magic bubbles
idea behind The Girl Who Drank the Moon
Viv & Clementine
main characters of Follow the Moon Home
a class project engages the community to save loggerhead turtles
idea behind Follow the Moon Home
GW, Biter (Sunshine) & Barry
main characters of The Great Pet Escape
Why leave school when you can save it?
idea behind The Great Pet Escape
Shelby & John Watson
main characters of The Great Shelby Holmes
finding Daisy
idea behind The Great Shelby Holmes
Jimmy McLean & Grandpa Nyles
main characters of In the Footsteps of Crazy Horse
Retracing important events in one Lakota man's life helps a young man understand who he is
idea behind In the Footsteps of Crazy Horse
Emma, Cody Belle, Earl Chance, Club Pancake & Granny Blue
main characters of Key to Extraordinary
a girl who through her Destiny Dream is able to save her family home & ultimately her town
idea behind Key to Extraordinary
Jack Sullivan, Quint Baker, June Del Toro, and Dirk
main characters of The Last Kids on Earth
setting after the monster apocolypse, defeating Blarg & saving the damsel in distress, June Del Toro
idea behind The Last Kids on Earth
Patches & Gus
main characters of Little Cat's Luck
"I was searching, didn't' you know? And I was lucky enough to find you and your special place and your special heart."
idea behind Little Cat's Luck
Ben, Bubbe, Alyssa, Josh
main characters of Lola Levine Drama Queen
a girl's early acting career is saved by her grandmother
idea behind Lola Levine Drama Queen
Connie Tate, Naomi, Mya, Nugget & Buttercup
main characters of The Magnificent Mya Tibbs
Spirit Week and partners brings the demise of a friendship
idea behind The Magnificent Mya Tibbs
Senna, Jules & Sylvie
main characters of Maybe a Fox
Run faster, save Dad & Jules.
idea behind Maybe a Fox
Izta, Popoca & Jaguar Claw
main characters of The Princess & the Warrior
story behind two volcanos, one that lays sleeping and one that spews
idea behind The Princess and the Warrior
Jeremiah & Walt
main characters of Soar
unable to play baseball, the 12 year old main character becomes a coach who inspires in a time of scandal
idea behind Soar
Joseph Johnson, Ezra Bishop, Sarah, & Ah-Kee
main characters of Some Kind of Courage
an orphan boy's journey to find his beloved horse helps him find a new family
idea behind Some Kind of Courage
a young boy & a blue water bird
main characters of The Storyteller
"a young boy saved Morocco from the desert"
idea behind The Storyteller
Deja, Ben, Sabeen & James Barnes
main characters of Towers Falling
"Six weeks at a new school has changed everything."
idea behind Towers Falling
Chloe & Shelley
main characters of Unidentifed Suburban Object
"Mom and Dad, not being Korean, being an alien . . . maybe it would all be fine."
idea behind Unidentified Suburban Object
Lonnie Johnson
main character of Whoosh!
from NASA to the Super Soaker
idea behind Whoosh!