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Abingdon Issue Evaluation 2018, key words

Annual rainfall
The amount of rainfall in a year, measured in mm
Water stress
A period of time where the demand for water exceeds the amount available (supply)
Water efficient products
Products (e.g. washing machines, dishwashers) that use a small amount of water
The amount of something that is required, in this case, water
A period of time of very little/no rainfall, leading to a water shortage
Environment Agency
An organisation that manages the environment, including water supply/ flooding etc
Water supply
The water supply in an area is the water which is collected and passed through pipes to buildings for people to use.
Water demand management
A management approach that aims to conserve water by reducing demand. It involves using incentives to promote efficient and equitable use of water. It has the potential to increase water availability through more efficient allocation and use
Water that is 'lost'/can not be used- e.g. due to leaking pipes
Non-household demand
Demand for water by industry
Household demand
Demand for water from people's homes
Engineering projects
Projects such as building dams and water transfer schemes
Drought-prone regions
Areas that are likely to experience drought e.g. South East UK
Hose-pipe bans
A strategy to reduce water demand- hose pipes are banned in gardens
Water supply
The water supply in an area is the water which is collected and passed through pipes to buildings for people to use.
Water-rich areas
Areas that have high rainfall (Western UK)
Water deficit
A lack of water- where demand is higher than supply e.g. SE England
Water surplus
An excess of water- where supply is higher than demand e.g. NW England
Water transfer
The movement of water from areas of surplus to areas of deficit through pipes, canals and rivers
A man-made lake, built to contain water. Involves building a dam and flooding land
To reduce something
A man-made raised bank built around a reservoir to increase the capacity
Thames Basin
The area around the Thames river, which is densely populated
Loss of water into the atmosphere due to the sun's energy
The evaporation of water from plant's leaves into the atmosphere
Domestic water use
Use of water in people's homes
To counter the effect of something
The flushing mechanism in a toilet
Building regulations
Rules that developers need to follow when building new changing buildings
Thames Water
The company that manages water supply in the Thames basin
Sustainable water supplies
Water supplies that meet the needs of the present without compromising future generations
Seasonal precipitation
Varying rainfall over the year
Shortfall in water
A deficit/ lack of water, due to more demand than supply
Areas of land that are wet and have high biodiversity
Trout fishery
A place where trout are reared for recreational or business reasons
Desalination plants
A factory where salt is removed from salt water in order to make the water suitable for drinking and irrigation
Water security
the ability to access sufficient quantities of clean water to maintain adequate standards of food and goods production, proper sanitation, and sustainable health care.