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  1. iasis
  2. erythro
  3. celiocarcinoma
  4. brady
  5. bradycardia
  1. a is cancer of the lip
  2. b slowness of the heartbeat
  3. c condtion
  4. d slow
  5. e red

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  1. pertaing to or of the tongue
  2. is the surgical procedure of making an incision into the abdominal cavity.
  3. cell
  4. is a blood cell
  5. pertais to across the skin

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  1. melanosisis a condition characterized by abnormal deposits of black pigment


  2. erythrocytopeniadenotes a defieciency of red blood cells


  3. benignmild, not cancerous


  4. benignis a non cancerous tumor


  5. eukwhite