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  1. contrastimulant
  2. celiotomy
  3. pondyl
  4. odontic
  5. angiectasis
  1. a is the surgical procedure of making an incision into the abdominal cavity.
  2. b pertains to or of the tooth
  3. c means against stimulation
  4. d beyond normal stretching of the blood cell
  5. e spinal column

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  1. is the study of the semen
  2. slow
  3. the branch of medicine that specializes i the medical science of bringing about the loss of blood.
  4. is the inspection of the ear drum.
  5. lip

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  1. eukwhite


  2. lithasesis a condition characterized by the formation of stones.


  3. caudalwardtoward the back end


  4. caudatail


  5. canthalangle at the end of the eyelid


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