Microscope Terms

Objective that should be in place, both when beginning to use the microscope & when putting it away.
Ability of microscope to discriminate two close objects as separate.
Image projected to ocular.
Real Image
Image produced by magnification of real image by ocular lens.
Virtual Image
Magnifying power of ocular multiplied by magnifying power of objective.
Total Magnification
Uniform circle of light that appears when you look into ocular.
Field of View
Distance between objectives & the slide.
Working Distance
After swiching from low power to high power, _____ of the specimen is visible. (more or less).
Resolution of human eye in a) micrometers, b) millimeters.
a. 100 micrometers
b. .1 millimeters
Resolution of microscope in a) micrometers, b) millimeters.
a. .2 micrometers
b. .0002 millimeters
Term used to inidicate if object is in focus at lower power, it will also be in focus at higher power.
Part of microscope that regulates amount of light reaching the object.
Iris Diaphragm Lever
Total magnification of 100X requires the use of 10X ocular lens with a _____ objective lens.