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Family of origin
The family in which one was raised as a child
The virtue by which people are able to successfully and healthfully integrate their sexuality into their total person
Social permission to depart from the usual requirements in a given circumstance
Natural family planning
A morally acceptable way to time pregnancies based on the observation of a woman's naturally occurring times of fertility and infertility
Mixed marriage
A marriage between a Catholic and a baptized non-Catholic
Disparity of cult
A marriage between a Catholic and a nonbaptized person
What is Christian marriage?
The faithful lifelong union of a baptized man and of a baptized woman committed to loving each other forever and being open to the gift of children.
Natural law
The moral law that can be understood through our intellect and the use of reason
The worship of false gods in violation of the First Commandment
A personal, solemn promise of faithful love that involves mutual commitments and creates a sacred realtionship
A Jewish sect at the time of Jesus known for its strict adherence to the Law
Something related to marriage or a marriage ceremony
A wedding ceremony in which a man and a woman in a civil marriage have their marital union recognized and blessed by the Church
The declaration by the Church that a marriage is null and void, that is, it never exsisted as a sacramnetal union
The deliberate attempt to interfere with the creation of new life as a result of sexual intercourse
In vitro fertilization
The fertilization of a woman's ovum (egg) with a man's sperm outside her body
Why is it impossible to reinterpret or redefine marriage?
Marriage requires the genuine emotional and sexual complementarity found only between a man and a woman, because only the sexual act between a man and a woman can result in new life- one of the purposes of marriage
What are some of the things we can learn about marriage from reading the Old Testament?
We learn that marriage is part of God's plan for us. We learn that it's a relationship of perfect harmony and love.
Why is marriage covenant rather than a contract?
A contract is an agreement that involves an exchange of goods or services. A covenant is an agreement that goes much deeper than an exchange of goods, more of an exchange of persons. Those who enter into a covenant promise their very selves to each other.
In what sense is Christian marriage unique?
Marriage is sacred as it's created and blessed by God. It's one of the seven sacraments and is intended to be a bond that is unbreakable
Explain how marriage reflects Christ's love for his Church.
Marriage is a key analogy for understanding God's love for us. When a husband and a wife love each other totally they are living reflection of the great love Christ has for his Church.
How does the family of origin have the potential to influence one's future married life?
Being raised with hate will make you treat your spouse with hate. If your family likes to hug or show their love physically, you'll most likely do the same in your marriage.
Why should a dating relationship be based on friendship?
Friendship gives you a deep relationship that is not only based on sex.
Name two reasons why it is sinful to live together before marriage.
One reason is because it sins against Chastity. Another reason is it encourages others around us to devalue chastity and the sacredness of marriage.
Describe the process of planning a Catholic wedding.
Meet a priest, set a date, marriage preparation, and have the liturgy.
Is a Catholic allowed to marry a non-Catholic? If so, under what circumstances and conditions?
They can, but a Catholic must first get permission from the local diocesan bishop.
Why does the church encourage engaged couples to celebrate their wedding during a Eucharistic celebration?
Catholics are encouraged to exchange wedding vows in the context of a Mass. The entrance rite for a Catholic wedding typically begins with procession.
What questions does a priest or deacon ask a couple prior to witnessing their wedding vows? Why are these significant?
Have you come here freely and without reservation to give yourselves to each other in marriage?
What responsibilities do married couples have toward each other? Toward the children they may have? Toward the wider Church community?
Spouses are called to live a life of deep and total communion with each other. If they are blessed with children, they have the responsibility of loving and caring for those gifts of life. Lastly, a couple has the responsibility to live as witnesses to Christ's love for his Church.
Briefly describe the spirituality of married life.
The spirituality of marriage is oriented towards God's love for his people and Christ's love for his Church.
Describe the Church's teaching on the permanence of marriage, and explain how this teaching factors into the Church's practice regarding divorce and annulment.
The Church teaches that true freedom is the freedom to bind yourself permanently to the one you love. The Church encourages those who are divorced to find spiritual support in the Sacraments of the Eucharist, Penance, and Reconciliation. Spouses must receive an annulment after divorce from the Church before entering into a new marriage. If they do not receive an annulment they are committing the sin of adultery.
What does it mean for a married couple to be open to new life? Why is this openness a serious obligation for all married couples?
Procreation is a purpose of marriage. A child is a concrete sign of the powerful love that exists between two spouses. When couples decide to not have children, they reject their call to share in God's power to bring life into the world.
What is NFP, and how is it different from contraception?
When couples practice periodic abstinence to avoid the conception of new life. In contraception, a married couple is not open to the idea of new life, yet still has sex. In NFP, couples are not open to the idea of new life, so they refrain from sex.
Name three responsibilities parents have towards their children. How do these relate to the idea of the family as the domestic Church?
Parents are responsible to love, respect to give their children an education. Families as the domestic church must help their children to grow in their faith and their relationship with God.
Wisdom literature
The Old Testament Book of Proverbs, Job, Ecclesiastes, Sirach, and the Wisdom of Solomon
The deliberate termination of a pregnancy by killing The Unborn Child
Saints Thomas More and John Fisher
Both advisors of the reigning monarch Henry VIII. They followed Henry into the Church of England and approved of his divorce. They refused to swear an oath that was against Henry so they were charged with high treason and imprisoned in the Tower of London and executed.
Divorce of Henry VIII
Henry wanted to divorce and marry Anne Boleyn, but Pope Clement VII would not allow it. Henry broke away from the Church and found the Church of England, declaring himself its head.
The church's teaching on homosexuality
The church believes that homosexuals deserve love and respect as human beings created in the image and likeness of God. Homosexuality itself is not a sin. Although, homosexual acts are sinful because they are not open to the possibility of life and are therefore contrary to natural law.