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Air Pollution The Air Around You

Ambient air is the air around you
The amount of damage an air pollutant makes is dependent on?
Length of exposure to pollutant, kind of pollutant, amount of pollutant
What kind of molecules are thought to be responsible for the depletion of the ozone layer?
Chlorofluorocarbon - CFCs
CFCs were thought to be wonder chemicals for what reasons?
They are not toxic, they don't burn, they are easy to manufacture
An example of coarse particulate matter would be?
Dust from unpaved roads
Water loss in plants is due to the effects of what?
Temperature inversions occur when what happens?
WARM air overlies COOL air
What would an example of a short-term health effect of air pollution?
What can you do to reduce air pollution by doing?
Turning off lights
Emission levels have been reduced by what 3 things?
Using devices to capture pollutants at their source, adding alcohol to gasoline, installing cataytic converters on cars
Smokestacks release pollutants called what?
Which group is responsible for gathering and analyzing air pollution?
EPA, Environmental Protection Agency
Wind is responsible for transporting what over long distances?
Acid rain
Why can pollutants be more concentrated in animals higher in the food chain?
Give 3 examples of secondary pollutants
Sulfuric acid, ozone, nitric acid
Damage from ultraviolet radioation can be prevented by wearing
Sunglasses, long-sleeved shirt, wide brimmed hat
What forms when certain secondary pollutants are combined with sunlight?
Photochemical smog
What gas is harmful on the Earth's surface, yet helps protect life on Earth when located high in the atmosphere?
Exposure to ultraviolet radion can cause what?
Cataracts, effect on immune system, skin cancer
What type of people suffer the most from short-term and long-term exposure to pollutants?
Small children & the elderly