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Red Scare
The promotion of widespread fear by a society or state about a potential rise of communism, anarchism, or radical leftism. It occurred immediately after World War I.
Palmer Raids
A series a government attacks on suspected radicals in the United States.
A national policy of avoiding involvement in world affairs
Teapot Dome Scandal
Exposed corruption in President Harding's administration when government officials were convicted of accepting bribes for leasing federal land to oil companies
Bonus Army
Unemployed World War I veterans who marched to Washington to demand their war bonuses
Movement to make alcohol illegal
The period from 1920 to 1933 when the sale of alcoholic beverages was prohibited in the United States by a constitutional amendment
Harlem Renaissance
A period in the 1920s when African-American achievements in art and music and literature flourished
Great Migration
The movement of 6 million African-Americans out of the rural Southern United States to the urban Northeast, Midwest, and West that occurred between 1916 and 1970.
Langston Hughes
Poet, playwright, and novelist, a leading figure of the Harlem Renaissance
Scopes Trial
Fight over evolution and the role of science and religion in public schools and in American society
Sacco and Vanzetti Trial
Two Italian men accused of murder, but were convicted because they were anarchist and Italian.
F. Scott Fitzgerald
Novelist whose works reflect climate of the "roaring twenties", wrote The Great Gatsby
Great Stock Market Crash
Disastrous fall in the stock prices in 1929 that signaled the end of the prosperity in the 1920s
Speculation (stocks)
Practice of buying stocks which are priced higher then their worth.