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Located in the back of the CPT manual and arranged alphabetically.

CPT index

Code #'s are displayed in the CPT index in what 3 formats?

Single code, multiple codes, and range

One code # is stated, code should be verified in the main (tabular) portion of CPT manual to ensure accuracy

Singe Code

A comma is used between code numbers to indicate the presence of only those #'s displayed. If more than one code number is listed, all codes must be reviewed in the tabular to make an accurate choice.

Multiple codes

Code numbers indicated by a hyphen. If indicated in the index, must look up each code within the range in the tabular to select the appropriate code from the range. Multiple ranges may be listed

Range of codes

You can code directly from the index (T/F)

False - you can't be sure to have the right code until reading the description in the tabular portion of the CPT and reading the specifics of the code.

The index is in alphabetic order by main terms (T/F)

True - then further divided by subterms.

Location methods used when searching the Index of the CPT

Service or Procedure, Anatomic Site, Condition or Disease, Synonym, Eponym, and Abbreviation.


Things named after people, such as Barr Procedure

A cross-reference term found in the index of the CPT manual

"see" directs you to another term or other terms, and indicates the correct code will be found elsewhere.

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