Energy Unit Flash Cards

Energy Unit Vocab and Key Terms

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Law of Conservation of Energy
Energy is not created nor destroyed it simply changes form.
The transfer of heat when particles move between objects with different temperatures. Mainly in liquids and gases.
Kinetic Energy
The energy of an object due to its motion.
The measurement of the average kinetic energy of an object's particles.
Heat energy on Earth
Comes from the Light energy from the sun.
The transfer of heat energy due to collisions of atoms and molecules in a material, most common in solids.
Nuclear Reactions
Reactions on the sun that provides Earth with light and heat energy, which help power photosynthesis.
A plant process of changing carbon dioxide and water, using light energy from the sun, and converting it into chemical energy (or food) for the plant, while giving off oxygen as a waste product..
Light energy from the sun
Creates Heat energy on the Earth
Potential Energy
Energy that is "stored" based on the objects position.
The transfer of heat energy by using waves.
a substance or chemical that changes the rate of a reaction without making a change to its own structure.
Endothermic Reaction
A chemical reaction that absorbs heat from another substance causing that substance's temperature to drop.
Chemical Energy
Stored potential energy found in chemical bonds.
Exothermic Reaction
A chemical reaction that releases heat from another substance causing that substance's temperature to rise.
The transfer of energy from one object to another due to there being a difference in temperature.
The ability to cause change.
Boiling Point in Fahrenheit
sinks and dense
Cool air ___________ because the molecules are closer together making it more _________.
Boiling Point in Celsius
Warm air compared to Cool Air
Warm air is less dense so it rises. Cool air is more dense so it sinks.
There is a ______________ portion of the suns energy that actually reaches Earth in the form of light energy.
light energy into chemical energy
While the process of photosynthesis is taking place plants are taking ____________ energy and converting it into ______________ energy.
The Sun
What is the driving energy source for plants?
Produce food (chemical energy) for themselves in the form of glucose.
The main reason plants carry out photosynthesis is to do what?
Light energy is converted into Heat energy
______________ energy form the sun is converted into ______________ energy on the surface of the Earth.
Nuclear Reactions
What is always taking place on the sun that provides the energy to the plants to carry out photosynthesis?
Heat is transferred from the warmer object into the cooler object.
What happens to two objects of different temperature when they touch each other?
Freezing Point in Celsius
rises and dense
Warm air ___________ because the molecules are father apart making it less ___________.
Freezing Point in Fahrenheit