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  1. lackey
  2. cajolery
  3. sullen
  4. jubilant
  5. dejected
  1. a showing great joy; rejoicing; exultant
  2. b persuasion by flattery
  3. c follower who carries out another's wishes like a servant; toady
  4. d resentful silent; glum; morose; gloomy
  5. e sad; in low spirits; depressed; downcast

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  1. excessive praise; flattery
  2. state of overwhelming joy; rapture
  3. very pleasing; delightful
  4. extremely overweight
  5. in bad humor; displeased

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  1. maudlinresentful silent; glum; morose; gloomy


  2. convivialfond of eating and drinking with friends; sociable


  3. blissmerry; joyous


  4. lamentablepitiable; rueful


  5. complacencytoo pleased with oneself--often without awareness of possible dangers or defects; self-satisfied; smug


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