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  1. pathetic
  2. ecstatic
  3. lament
  4. ecstasy
  5. dejection
  1. a in ecstasy; enraptured
  2. b state of overwhelming joy; rapture
  3. c lowness of spirits; sadness
  4. d mourn; deplore
  5. e arousing pity

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  1. word of deed of mild flattery; allurement
  2. embarrassment; mortification; disappointment
  3. submit in a subservient manner to a superior; fawn; make a doormat of oneself
  4. causing grief or sadness; mournful
  5. made unnaturally thin; abnormally lean

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  1. blitheperfect happiness


  2. asceticshunning pleasures; self-denying; austere


  3. convivialityfond of eating and drinking with friends; sociable


  4. jubilantresentful silent; glum; morose; gloomy


  5. throesquality in events or in art that arouses pity