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  1. disconsolate
  2. chagrin
  3. obesity
  4. lank
  5. jubilant
  1. a lean; lank
  2. b embarrassment; mortification; disappointment
  3. c cheerless; inconsolable
  4. d showing great joy; rejoicing; exultant
  5. e excessive body weight; corpulence

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  1. repentance; remore; penitence
  2. state of overwhelming joy; rapture
  3. resentful silent; glum; morose; gloomy
  4. to work oneself into favor
  5. short and plump

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  1. poignantpainfully touching; piercing


  2. trucklesubmit in a subservient manner to a superior; fawn; make a doormat of oneself


  3. attenuatemake thin; weaken


  4. elatedin high spirits; joyful


  5. complacentself-satisfaction; smugness


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