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  1. Crest
  2. Epicondyle
  3. abduction
  4. suture
  5. eversion
  1. a sharp projection or bony ridge
  2. b small projection on or above a condyle
  3. c moving extremity laterally (away from midline)
  4. d soles of feet face away from each other
  5. e a line that joins two bones

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  1. slightly movable joints
  2. a medium process
  3. freely movable joints
  4. rounded projection that articulates with another bone
  5. bring two end portions of extremity closer together

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  1. trochantermoving palms to face backward


  2. inversionsoles of feet face each other


  3. pronationpartial revolving of body part on part's axis


  4. depressionsoles of feet face away from each other


  5. ForamenSmooth, nearly flat articulate surface