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  1. head
  2. protraction
  3. suture
  4. Flexion
  5. fovea
  1. a protruding or pushing forward
  2. b a line that joins two bones
  3. c a pit
  4. d bring two end portions of extremity closer together
  5. e generally larger end of a long bone

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  1. a canal
  2. Smooth, nearly flat articulate surface
  3. act as cushion between joints
  4. a ridge on the top of a bone
  5. any projection on a bone

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  1. eversionsoles of feet face each other


  2. amphiarthrosesfreely movable joints


  3. pronationmoving palms to face backward


  4. Condylesmall projection on or above a condyle


  5. tuberositya medium process