Chapter 43 Specialty Laboratory Tests

ABO blood group
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phenylketonuriaa hereditary disease caused by the body's inability to oxidize the amino acid phenylalanine; if not discovered and treated early, brain damage damage can occur causing severe intellectual disability and other permanent disabilitiespurified protein derivative -PPDfiltrate obtained from mycobacterium cultures used for intradermal testing for TBRh factorblood factor indicating the presence or absence of the Rh antigen on the surface of human erythrocytestriglyceridesform of fat in the bloodstream that functions to store energy; an overabundance can cause cardiovascular diseasepelvic inflammatory diseasedoes not reflect a positive hCG testproper way to store a urine sample for 24 hrs for a pregnancy test that cannot be tested immediatelyInfectious Mononucleosisdisease sometimes called kissing diseasehCG hormonetest that does not use serum or blood as the specimentype O RBCs have A & B Antigensstatement that is incorrect regarding blood typediscovered by experiments on rhesus monkeysis a true statement about Rh factoravoid consumption of fatsis not a consideration when instructing a patient regarding correct collection of specimen for semen analysisnewbornspatients that PKU testing is done onforearm 3 -4 inches from bendbest site location for a tuberculin Mantoux test50 to 70 mg/dLblood glucose level of patient with hypoglycemia