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Ch.1 Geology Sect.2 Convection Currents and the Mantle

Heat Transfer
movement of energy from a warmer object to a cooler object
Three types of Heat Transfer
Radiation, Conduction, and Convection
the transfer of energy through empty space.
Two examples of Radiation
Sunlight and heat from a campfire
Heat is transferred by direct contact of particles of matter.
Example of conduction
Placing a spoon into a pot of boiling water, the heat from the water is transferred to the spoon and eventually to your hand if you touch the spoon.
Particles of Heat
they move faster and bump into one another.
Heat transfer by the movement of a heated fluid, heat is transferred from one part of the fluid to the other parts.
Convection Currents
The flow that transfers heat within a fluid created from the heating and cooling of the fluid.
Process of Convection Currents
Dense fluid sinks (cooler) as less dense fluid (heat) rises creating currents
Fluid at a constant temperature
currents stop, Fluid rises creating boiling to take place.
Convection in the Mantle
convection currents, heated by the core and the mantle,flow into the Asthenosphere. the hot mantle rises and the cool mantle sinks. repeats.