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First Thanksgiving

-1621 symbol of peace between Wampanoags and Plymouth Pilgrims


-Renamed Nova Scotia
-Was granted to England off peace terms, along with Newfoundland and the Hudson Bay

African America

-A person born in America of African descent


-The science or practice of farming, including cultivation of the soil for the growing of crops and the rearing of animals to provide food, wool, and other products

Anne Hutchinson

-Stated that a holy life didn't show a sure sign of salvation and the ones that were saved didn't need to obey laws of God or man
-Lost her trial in 1638
-Was banished before she polluted the Puritan experiment

Bacon's Rebellion

-Bacon led a rebellion against people with friendly Indian relation
-Took place in 1676 and resulted in the torching of Jamestown
-(See Moodle)

Barbados Slave Code

-Created to help control slaves
-Denied fundamental rights to slaves and gave punishments for the slightest of infractions

Battle of Lexington and Concord

-April 1775
-First battle of the American Revolution
-British were forced to retreat by colonial militiamen

Boston Massacre

-Altercation on March 5, 1770
-Boston townspeople mobbed ten British soldiers
-Troops opened fire, leading to 11 civilian casualties

Boston Port Act

-Act which closed Boston Harbor until damages from Tea Party were paid

Boston Tea Party

-Demonstration in Boston Harbor in 1773
-American colonists dumped British tea into the ocean to protest the imposition of a tea tax

British East Indian Company

-Tea company that was going bankrupt
-Was given a full tea monopoly on the American colonies

British occupy Boston

-Great Britain landed two regiments of troops in Boston to preserve law and order in 1768


-An elaborated form of Martin Luther's ideas created by John Calvin of Geneva
-Humans were weak and evil due to sin
-God elects certain souls for eternal bliss and others for eternal torment


-The intellectual center of England's Puritanism

Canadian Government

-Were in direct control of the king
-There were no elected representative assemblies


-Created in 1670
-Named after King Charles II

Charles II

-Restores the English crown in 1660
-Church of England was full force again
-Gave and revoked charters from certain New England colonies
-Granted the area of New Netherland to the Duke of York in 1664 (New York


-City of Carolina that was culturally diverse
-Busiest seaport of the south

Church of England

-Official religion in England


-Formal religious leadership with a given religion

Committees of Correspondence

-Used to spread propaganda in the colonies

Congregational Church

-Protestant Christian churches practicing Congregationalist church governance
-Each independent and autonomously runs its own affairs

Continental Congress of 1774

-Summoned as a response to the Intolerable Acts
-Drew up a Declaration of Rights and other appeals to the King/British people

Dead Dogs

-People who droned out tedious, over-erudite sermons from Puritan pulpits

Declaration of Rights

-Document drawn up by Continental Congress of 1774
-Enumerated colonists' rights

Declaratory Act

-Stated that Parliament had the right "to bind" the colonies "in all cases whatsoever"

Edict of the Nantes

-Helped settle religious wars in France
-France was the start of one of the most feared nations in Europe

English Protestant Reformation

-Religious movement that established Protestantism as the leading faith in England


-To make something, or someone, more European
-Assimilation into European cultures

Francis Drake

-Helped lead English Navy against the Spanish Armada
-Knighted by the Queen of England

French Voyageurs

-Recruited Indians into the fur business

Fundamental Orders

-Created in 1639
-Form of a modern constitution
-Established democratically controlled regime by the citizens
-Some essential features were used in Connecticut's charter and state constitution

Fur Trading

-Beaver furs became an important trade in New France
-Traders recruited Indians to help them trap boatloads of beavers
-Caused Indians to go against their own beliefs
-Early sign of assimilation

General Edward Braddock

-Led some 2,000 militia men in 1775 to capture Fort Duquense
-Were defeated and Indians started to take a wider war path

George Whitefield

-Preacher during the Great Awakening
-Preached of human helplessness and divine omnipotence


-Founded in 1733
-Last of the original 13 colonies to be founded
-Created by the English to serve as a buffer zone between the Spanish in Florida and French in Louisiana to protect the Carolinas

Glorious English Revolution

-People of Old England usurped crown of Catholic James II
-Enthroned Protestant William III and Mary
-Caused Dominion of New England to collapse
-Helped spur colonial dissent

Great Awakening

-Religious revival in America
-(See Moodle)

Geurilla Warfare

-The use of small independent groups that take part in irregular fighting

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